Do you think is dead?

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Do you think is dead?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    As an aspiring plugin maker I sure hope not but Im curious to see what you all think.
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    No, mainly because we're waiting to see what is going to happen. If the DMCA is redacted, Bukkit will be back *possibly*.
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    Depends on what M$ do with Mojang from here out, seeing as they own Bukkit (kind of?).
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    I'm not really concerned about CB (I use Spigot), I just want plugins to be updated
  5. SkyWielder It isn't dead yet but it does seem to be dying.

    EN7 Spigot will suffer also due to them using Bukkit and Wes Wolfe made code there also.

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    Spigot uses bukkit
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    I doubt Microsoft can or will invest time into Bukkit. Mojang have been working on a plugin API called Workbench for the last 3 years, that's where Microsoft will focus their attention.

    Wolvereness was entirely within his rights to file a DMCA takedown. If you want an API now, you should support SpongePowered, or use the latest craftbukkit build you currently have possession of.
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    I think it will not be dead immediately, but although theres alot of things getting me thinking on, like Microsoft if they discourage modding then theres a problem with may more legal drama around, but again maybe they don't you never know theres no reason to start the drama yet, but if it happens then yea I geuss it goes fast.

    also on a other note I thought that the DMCA claim was only ment to craftbukkit(the server software) not the bukkit api?

    the reason why I say this, is because if it was then it was already censcored from view:

    the reason I believe why craftbukkit is dmca'ed is because mojang wanted to claim copyright over his own work and progress and also the other contributors, although I partially agree but also not ofc craftbukkit use nms the (semi) deobfusucated code from the vanilla server this belongs to mojang of course, however the edits who are made by wolf and other contributors are kinda violated by this, I mean how does it feel when you work for something independed make long days and nights to update it and then once from the sudden you hear mojang owns it and you never worked for a independed project and you never got any support from them and they are now there to claim copyright over your contributions and then went in sillence, I would be go insane if I was a contributor, for me this sounds like a logical reaction.

    of course I'm kinda angry and sad seeing these actions but again I respect their decissions, and instead being thankfull of the people worked on Craftbukkit/Bukkit :)
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    I would say that though Bukkit is not dead completely yet but to be honest it is dying and could die completely if no-one does anything about this DMCA. With regards to Microsoft and their plans they have stated they don't want to disrupt the community greatly and want to keep things running as they have been. However that doesn't really state much about their opinions on modding, so that could go either way.

    So no I don't the site is dead, but it do think if it keeps going down this road it has the possibility of dying. There are a few things that I see that need to happen in order to get the project up and running again. One would be obviously counter-notice the DMCA and get through all of the legal matters so the downloads page can re-open and the project can continue. Secondly, after all the dust has settled a fresh new staff team should be brought in with new Administrators, BukkitDev statff, and forum moderators. I'm sure there is a few more things that need to be done, but that's my opinion that this point in time.
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    I think Microsoft will rename it and make a new website for it. Its a mess right now.
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    Oh really? I didn't know that at all!
    I couldn't care less about 1.8 for servers, 1.7 is fine for me, so I have no problem with just bug-fixes from Spigot
    And Spigot has a patcher to release updates, so they are alive and well
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    No need for your sarcastic comments.
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    I'm surprised that this website is still here. Thee are no more Bukkit developers, the source code is blocked, and the downloads are also blocked. As long as no one fights the DMCA claim, this website is obsolete.

    Although, Bukkit is owned by Mojang which is owned by Microsoft. If Microsoft wanted to, they could fight the claim (and most likely win because... Microsoft). If they did reopen the code for us (and not make it pay-to-use), it would win the trust of the community, which would be a valuable assets for Microsoft. I don't care what their money charts show; the community must be on their side for it to work optimally.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Mike1022 Website is hosted by curse, curse is moderating on here because no one else did anymore.
    Bukkit is mostly from the community ( not talking about the code now ) so no good reason to take the website down, would only start more rage.
    Mojang owns Bukkit, it is their call what to do, Microsoft doesn't have full power yet.
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    There are at least two developers: Dinnerbone and Grum from Mojang. There also are six site admins.

    There also are working source code repositories for Bukkit and all other sub-projects except for CraftBukkit.

    A DMCA counter-notice can be filed at any time -- there's no deadline.
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    Will the 6 site admins be able to help in regard to advancing the project?

    2 devs now working on it vs. the loss of 35+ staff that it took to maintain it before.

    1 month ago, 1 person.

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    Well I think bukkit if not fixed soon will go down
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    Dinnerbone wrote on Twitter that he would be personally updating Bukkit to 1.8. He's one of the founders of Bukkit, so he'd know whether that's feasible or not.
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    I'd love to file a counter noctice! But wait I'm a minor, so I can't. ;D (I'm not saying that's a bad rules to have. It stops 12-year-olds from filing claims for copying people's builds.) Obiously, no one else seems to want to either.
  20. A big chunk of the community is moving over to sponge. They are already talking about porting plugins and the bigger sponge gets the more devs and plugin devs it will absorb.

    Bottom line, bukkit might not be dead and buried but it is certainly dying a slow and painful death.

    Sponge is the future.
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    The site may be dead, but the actual software isn't, being worked on by mojang, and besides, they'll hire new staff.
  22. The plugin approval and the forums were amongst of the big features of Bukkit, consuming a lot of staff, but the coding of CB could be run by a few people in theory, especially if Mojang would give them a hand more directly. If/how contributions by others via GitHub would continue, is another question. Things could be run differently with much less people, meaning different standards as well. Hard to tell if there would be enough contributors or even payed work, but at least there are/were other projects depending on CraftBukkit, as well as many servers still depend on it, so i wouldn't claim that CraftBukkit is full-dead contribution-wise, provided the DMCA is removed or worked around in an "efficient" way.

    Given that there is roughly zero official information on what is going on concerning that DMCA, this appears to be quite a luxury discussion. Sponge might take over the front row at some point, could even contain a plugin to provide Bukkit-compatibility. Provided it's not getting killed off, there is no end of modding in sight, even if many plugin developers and server owners quit, because the transition takes too long or is too time-consuming, should CraftBukkit be declared full-dead.
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    ^ Good points.

    Personally, I think that if the DMCA is lifted, and because of the possible legalities between the Minecraft code and Craftbukkit, then Microsoft might then have to take on that burden of liabilities... so it may not happen.

    But, like you said, this is all a luxury discussion as there isn't any real official information coming out of this whole thing.

    He may be one of the founders of Bukkit, but that was 1.7 revisions ago. I can take my plugins that I've written and hand it over to someone else to maintain, and if my plugins then turn out to have 35+ staff members and its goes through a multitude of changes... I would have the slightest idea whether it'd be feasible or not.

    Why? Because its no longer what it use to be.

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    My opinion on this? Bukkit is going to die a slow and painful death. From what I have seen from SpongePowered, Bukkit will become obsolete faster than anyone could imagine. I completely respect Wolvernes for the amount of work he has put into Bukkit, but his actions, like it or not, have killed it.
    I do not believe that this is going to end a sad story. The developers at Sponge are extremely enthusiastic, dedicated, and VERY INNOVATIVE. So many things about Bukkit that drive us insane are being replaced. NO MORE PLUGIN.YML! NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT HUNDREDS OF DEPRECATED METHODS! Other systems are the future. All wolverness did was kill all of his work, which is what he wanted. I personally think he did us an amazing favor. Any devs who are still here, I suggest you assist the guys/girls at SpongePowered.
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    He's still the top contributor to CraftBukkit, with 460 commits that added 40,000 lines of code, and has spent the last two years working for Mojang coding Minecraft.
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    Then I stand corrected. :D
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