Do you have Spout installed on your server?

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Do you have Spout installed on your server?

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    Please vote. :)
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    Can't live without it man... I heard that they're also making mod support too, without requiring the client to do anything else other than download the launcher.
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    If yes result will be more than 80%, new version of my plugin will require Spout.
    And if less... there will be two different branches.
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    I was reluctant to install it at first, but alot of my plugins started using it for packet sending. I'm not really a fan of the client, but the packet handling is good.
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    I'm currently not using it. But if they really go on further and have a client with a good API i might very well use it!
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    It's not there yet. There's too many great incompatible client mods and not enough going for Spout yet to make up for it. I do look forward to the day when it's ready, though -- maybe in a couple months.
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    Spout is great. I am always searching for the phrase "spout" on here to see if any new plugins came out that use it.
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    The community doesn't benefit from hacked clients with xray, fullbright, and pvp unfairness. I'm glad food got changed, the auto-heal clients are now pretty worthless. For someone running a pvp based server spout makes sense. It puts people on an even playing field. Spout also lets people see friend/foe identification if they have trouble remembering all of the names. Spout is on my server and I love it that way.
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    VanishNoPacket is really too nice to pass up. Other than that I don't think I'd use it at this point.
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    not until the client and server both support something like cubic chunks
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    Client API is in the works, I am making a lot of progress with it
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    Hmm okay but I think server API is more interesting. :p
    Why do we need client API? For easy modding?
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    Yup. In theory a popular vanilla mod, like buildcraft or aether mods, could be ported to spout. Spoutcraft will automatically get the mod to use for that server without the end user needing to fiddle with jar files.
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    i have dabbled in it however im n ot convinced as of yet. update time would need to be reduced for me to make the jump, or some major mods to use it or support it.
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    We update quickly after MCP is released. The updates are not fast because we have to wait on that, :/
    It is an unfortunate outcome of modding the client.
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