Do you all know a plugin who can regenerate ressources ?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Pomme72, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I am making a server where the players are confined in a underground city, like in Fallout, the shelter 101, and they have to make money mining ores in the controlled mine, for example.

    The problem is that the ores do not respawn, so when they'll have take all the ores of the zone, they'll be blocked : no more ores !

    Please guys, do you know a plugin that respawn ressources like ores ? I really need it for my server.

    Thanks !
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    You can't bump for 12 hours between posting and bumps. Broke a rule.
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    Sorry, didn't know that.
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    Is that all you want? If so, you can do that with the WorldEdit //regen command.

    If you want the ores to automagically regenerate, than there a) might be a plugin like that already, or b) if not, edit your post and specify. :)
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    Sorry, didn't know that.[​IMG]
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    Thanks for all your replies. Now I'll try to reply to all of you with my poor english, be patient with me :p

    Yes, that's exactly it : I want the ores to automagically regenerate xD but not only ores, stone too, and in a defined region only if possible... :/

    Of course if the defined region isn't possible that's not a problem I can be ok with a simple regeneration plugin ^^ but I really need to regenerate stone, iron, and other ores...

    Lolzwut ? Troll here ? [:

    This plugin does exactly what I want it to do, but does it work on logs too, for example ? On stone too ? And have him a option for region-limitation ? I'll try it. :p
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    Yes, you can set up regeneration regions with this plugin. It has a list of blocks to regenerate defined in the config file, so you can add whatever you want, but I would suggest using TreeAssist to regenerate trees otherwise you'll have tree trunks with no leaves sticking out of the ground. XD
    When setting up MineralVein you can also set how long it takes for a specific type of block to regenerate, and how often the block won't regenerate after being broken (how likely it is to degrade). I hope you can get these plugins working how you want, and enjoy using them. :)
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    Use the splatter brush.

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