Do These Two Hosts Seem Legit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kami675, Feb 21, 2013.

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    If you are new to minecraft hosting, don't go with them since the price is too low, hardware and support will probably shit, though that's just my opinion.
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    They probably try to cram as many servers as they can into one node, resulting in lag. You could try the $1 one on, I mean it wont hurt to try, it's only $1 (£0.66).

    As LaxWasHere said, hardware & support will most likely be crap, but again it's worth a shot.
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    crushh87 is not bad, everything works and servers are okay, I used to use them but I got tired of paying so I went back to my own computer instead.
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    Try BeastNode. I used them for as long as I can remember, and never had problems.
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    Hmm I almost want to get it just to use it as my Server hub. :D

    Won't as I don't need to, but the thought came to my mind.
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    I've seen a site that mysteriously vanished once, called MineCheap. A 16GB server for like $10 :S
    I was gonna do a similar idea, have blank flat world with a hub-like design leading to different worlds, Factions, Towny, and creative, but never did it in the end for some reason xD
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    That wouldn't work well with the $1 plan. :p

    But I get what you mean, those that have many worlds tend to do that already.
    If not they just cram it all in the spawn area which is basically the same thing.

    What I would use the $1 plan for is something different, you can see on my server what I mean.

    Out of stock anyways...
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    Problem and skullhosting 4gb of ram for $20
    Beastnode 4gb of ram for $60

    Beastnode may have better support but he does not want to break the bank
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    Does BeastNode come with free Buycraft? if it does its worth the extra money im currently using exodus hosting and i love their hosts they are very friendly as well but atm my server is growing and i was looking to get more RAM for a low price and those 2 websites came up lol
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    Yes, I do believe they give you a one-month voucher after your first payment.
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    I have 4GB for 19, so it's possible ;)
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    where is this at? lol any hints :p
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    Lolmewn It was an offer, not sure if it's still active (Otherwise you'll have it for 21 or 23 or something)
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    is it based in Germany? if so then how is the lag?
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    It is. It's just fine, I don't notice any (from NL).
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    It looks too good to be true. So I'd definitely stay away from them.
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