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    That doesn't help for those of us still coding 1.7 plugins..
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    @Boomer, there are plenty of mirrors, but it still doesn't excuse curse from fixing it.
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    This was very helpful
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    I felt the need to respond to all the misconceptions here.

    >Innocent people were affected
    I would be curious to see how many more would be once Microsoft is in control of the code base

    >Wolvereness is wasting his time
    A copyright only works when it is enforced

    >Wolverness is a selfish prick
    He put several years of his life developing Bukkit. If it goes away to him, he has no need to pay for it.

    >Bukkit can be saved

    >They did not fight back
    The DMCA was the fight back. Considering what Mojang has done in the past, DMCA seems to be a viable last resort to protect the state of Bukkit as it is.

    Eventually it boils down real quick. Wolvereness needs to protect Bukkit. There are other people who are making good, and bad software to replace Bukkit. Bukkit is dead. Bukkit was on the decline anyways. It's time for a fresh start.
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  6. @xTrollxDudex It indeed is time for a fresh start, I think a fresh start will be a little harder though when the community is being split with all these alternates. I don't think that with these alternates Minecraft will be saved and it will probably cause more fuss than it is now, but I know where i stand on this issue and where I am going to. I will be going to Trident and probably never going to Sponge or Glowstone but we will see how it goes.

    All these opinions are my own, I respect people's views but I do not respect personal attacks. Please be respectful.
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    I... Meant to attack no one?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I think that it was a warning before hand.
    I don't see any attacks in your comment.
  9. @xTrollxDudex No that wasn't aimed at you. As @timtower said that was a little statement for people who may comment. People have been known to use think I am telling everyone how to do things and making me Moderator makes the whole difference, these are just my views. There has been cases of people just attacking me and others because they wont use Sponge or something else.
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    Today, Grum said the Mojang API wouldn't be any better than Forge's, so they basically quit working on the API.
  11. Slightly discomforting, hope they keep working towards better modability still.
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    @Bobcat00, it's about time they finally came forth with something honest about the state of it, but I agree with that statement. Forge is an excellent API.
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