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  1. I have an cRaZy idea,

    Wolfverness can only remove the right to use his code if the GPL lience is invalid

    if you make CraftBukkit download the minecraft-server.jar file and deopfuacate it (when you run bukkit for the first time) then download the Bukkit.jar file and add both to the ClassLoader
    classLoader.addURL(MinecraftserverJar.toURI().toURL()); classLoader.addURL(BukkitJar.toURI().toURL());
    then that would fix the gpl valation, and because the gpl is no longer invalid then wolfernesses code take down would no longer be valid,

    And the bukkit lived happy ever after.
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    And then it wouldnt compile because Bukkit.jar =/= Craftbukkit.jar

    Plus Wolverness already withdrawn permission for the code, you cant 'fix' the license after the call and pretend it cancels previous actions out.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Locked as the point has been made and nothing can be brought against what @Necrodoom_V2 said
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