dl.bukkit.org - 451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by extended_clip, Sep 3, 2014.

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    That's not how it works. No legal entity has said that the claim is valid. That doesn't happen unless it goes to court. Right now, all that happened is Wolvereness sent an email to the host provider claiming that the files were infringing on his copyright.
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    I realize that, but I don't think his claim is far, MOJANG OWNS IT, He does not. They bought it, he did not, therefore he doesn't own it. He has NO RIGHT to do this at all. He needs to accept, easy come, easy go. Tough! End of story for him. Get a life and stop making it such a pain for the community and Mojang.
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    If I may ask you a few questions:
    Do you know the reason for the Take-Down request?
    Do you know Mojang's thought on it?
    Do you have the power to fix this "problem" yourself?
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    It called intellectual property and licensing. CraftBukkit was licensed to the Bukkit team, and even though it was owned by Mojang, the CraftBukkit code is actually licensed to Bukkit, and since Mojang didn't bother to change the license, it still belonged to Bukkit.
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