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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Virtuall_Gamer, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Hello , I' m french , I use Google translation (If there are errors, it is normal)
    I'd like a plugin that makes a dj table and possibly integrated music: Note block music.
    Thank :)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    A plate of 3 block with on both sides a disk and in the middle of the small buttons of several colors.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Virtuall_Gamer We can't make that in Bukkit.
    And if we could: I still have no idea how you want it to look like (using existing blocks) or how it would function.
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    @timtower Clicking on it would have a small interface like in a chest with several head, this will represent a music made in Note block

    @timtower Please this is my dream to make a DJ server and moreover there is exactly this on Epicube. :'(

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    Hello Virtuall_Gamer. (Sorry I cannot say this in french.)

    I got a plugin called MagicSpells to put temp op commands on a
    jukebox that is also a sneak placed area anti-pvp protection.
    Works perfectly. Plays all records and menu, nether, creative
    and more. You would need MagicSpells for it to work but you can
    see how it runs in the below pastebin. Players right click with
    the jukebox that will not lose it's lore or name if placed.
    While holding special jukebox. R click to scroll down the songs, many,
    Sneak R click to scroll up, L click to play.
    The link for the plugin
    is also in the pastebin. It may look wierd unless by some chance you
    already know what MagicSpells looks like in a config. MagicSpells
    does anything. Try me. It has saftey like cooldowns, max hearable range,
    stop current song to play another ect. Also plays random color note
    particles or other when the user uses the jukebox to play a song.
    Gives me an idea to add all the note blocks, drums etc. If a whole
    bunch of people have them in a group they could be a band ;p oh
    wait :D was that your idea ey? Heh.

    This is exactly what you are talking about, A DJ Table.
    It is also a sneak placed protection that has a 64 block radius prevent-pvp flag.
    It can summon fps destroying mad fireworks for parties and more.

    If you wanted something you can make half second samples with ect, cut songs up
    and make new music you would probably use the stuff here
    and here

    ... and then some magic to run chain commands that stop and start sounds.
    ".. A scratchy noise.." mixing deck calling up samples as such and playing them
    in a sequence? Only for the bold, or crazy :D
    You would chain it like drum drum drum drum bass repeat 4 times then expand
    with other bits then play the whole thing at the same time with slightly
    different locations near so they all play. Use master channel. I did say crazy
    but what you ask for is only done with commands even if a plugin does it..
    config.. for the plugin. You would have to write the song sequences anyway?
    If you put the notes in master channel and the drums in creatures channel
    they will not hear the drums with their mobs sounds very low or off.
    Sadly I think there is a max amount of different sounds that can be played to
    one channel at any time. Might be tricky.

    MY DJ Table. (as it is without the other bits in other spell configs)

    Perhaps you can make sense,... of the madness. /luck
    Music is a creative art. I think you are kind to try allow more of it in Minecraft
    if that is your goal. /salute.

    Bukkit can do anything. It's the only thing that allows MagicSpells to
    do anything.. afaik. Anyone who says something cannot be done in
    bukkit simply has not used MagicSpells... which uses Bukkit API.
    Bizarre! I'm not the only one to discover the Minecraft Bully, MagicSpells.
    Ridiculous mind bending variables and functionality. It's a Minecraft
    gold medal gymnastic... Even with it's 1.9 old man walking stick.
    You want Jukebox? You want candy? Then you want MagicSpells!
    You dont need devs with a plugin that does anything you tell it to.
    MagicSpells is so magic that it performs the magic in 1.12 even
    though the dev left in 1.8 out of disgust bukkit takedown notice.
    You can read that on the forum about why they quit dev for MC.
    His name is Nisovin. /muchrespect
    I'm now going to add to that jukebox all the sounds to make music
    instruments a group can play if all holding "FlipTablePro"

    The below villager summon buys custom pricey music discs that drop
    and some currency exchange items as well as the DJ table thing.
    The discs have abilities on them., as an idea how to get your DJ
    table and any items to players in game. A villager?
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