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    Looking for a plugin that could change a usernames name color and add a font if requested.

    /displayname help
    /displayname <color> <font>
    /name <color> <font>

    Displayname Help:
    Displays a list of the colors and fonts they could use.

    For permissions on this, i would like all colors and fonts to be on one permission, this plugin would be used for donators to brighten there name up a bit.

    For permission node, could it be like displayname.use or name.use

    I would like them to have the ability to change the color of there name and font.

    Preferably can this just be a plugin, and not based on Skript
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  2. What exactly do you mean by font?
    If you're actually talking about the style of the letters, that's not possible.
    Fonts are managed on the client side.
  3. It is possible to change the color of your name in chat. But it isn't possible to change the font. Please be more specific so I might do this.
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    You will need to install a texture pack on your server and force players to use it to change the chat font.
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    Fonts are not possible. Color however is. There are already many plugins that allow for color change.
  7. The usage of the word 'style' was misleading when saying that's not possible. Of course text formatting is possible, just not changing the font family or size.
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    What version would this be utilizing?

    I tried using version 1.8, let me know if there are any bugs.

    Permission(s): displayname.use
    Commands: /name and /displayname
    Usage: /displayname <color> <font>

    There is a config file storing playerdata via flatfile.

    I had no bugs with it but if you run into any formatting issues (example: it doesn't show up in chat properly, let me know via this post)

    Plugin link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/displayname (Currently waiting for approval but that will be the link when it is done)

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