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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DalexL, Aug 12, 2011.

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    How do I display a chest window from my plugin? Basically, I want people to be able to open a chest that is far away from anywhere to switch out items. They specify the chest and then can open it with a command from anywhere... how can I force the chest open without them clicking on it?
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    1. EntityPlayer eplayer = ((CraftPlayer)player).getHandle();
    2. TileEntityChest chest = (TileEntityChest)((CraftWorld)world).getHandle().getTileEntity(x,y,z);
    3. eplayer.a(chest);
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    It's from CraftBukkit, there are no apidocs of it. You can check the source here.
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    What is CraftBukkit?
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    .................. It's what you run the server on.
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    So what are the apidocs that I listed for?
  8. They are for bukkit (the API).

    bukkit.jar = the API you usually use for plugins.
    craftbukkit.jar = the complete server with mojang's code, and the implementations of bukkit.jar.

    What Shamebot accesses in his post is called obfuscated code and comes directly from the net.minecraft.server and craftbukkit classes.
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    For Bukkit. Bukkit is an API, CraftBukkit is an implemention of this API and is wrapped around the minecraft server. But not all things can be done using the Bukkit API (yet), sometimes you have to bypass it.
  10. What is DalexL?
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    not funny. without description some functions we kill brains when searching solutions
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