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    Plugin category: Administrator or Fun

    Suggested name: DisguiseCraft or MajorDisguise(Any ideas?)

    A bit about me: I run MajorCraft a fun 24/7 server

    What I want: I went on this server where admins can turn into object and animals so for example they can turn into mine carts boats arrows paintings wolf ect. This would be so useful thank you!

    Ideas for commands: What ever commands you want

    Ideas for permissions: What every you want so for example DisguiseCraft.Painting

    When I'd like it by: ASAP Because it will really help my server =)

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: I don't really know
  2. I don't think you can disguise as blocks, so you are better off using MobDisguise.
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    You could disguise as blocks. Vanish the player and create a block at their location. When they move remove the old block and make a new one.

    Why the hell do you think you couldn't? It wouldn't even be that hard.
  4. Yes, that is a possible alternative.
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    what if a player "mines the Admin??" would be lol but ye, kinda weird right??
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    No. I need it for a player to turn into a block not a mob i already have mobdisguise
    7cardcha Would you be able to make it? If you can would you be wanting to be Co-Owner of my server and Developer? Thank You in advance.
  7. That is not possible, you cannot turn a player 'ie a mob' into a block. and wouldn't it be strange for a block following you around.
    Please read first
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    Omnitv It is possible as I've seen it done before and not in certain environments.
  9. You can prove me wrong, but as far as i can tell no i don't think it can be done.
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    Would you like the server that does it?
  11. RIGHT, I feel like coding this, dev build coming soon!
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    -_Husky_- Thank you so much! would you like co owner on my server for helping?
  13. If you read the above posts, they aren't actually turning the player into a block, but merely making the player invisible and putting a block wherever they go.
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    Ok, so you can't put a block EXACTLY where the player is, otherwise, it's going to bug the player out. How about a block 2 spaces in front of the player, would that work for you?
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    dillyg10 Perfect as long as its around them and now like floating so like i can be a mine cart and follow someone in a mine shaft

    @iron_cyrstal Exactly!

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  16. Ok, maybe i wont make this.
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    -_Husky_- Why please I really need it it will be much aprieciated thanks
  18. Someone else is already making it. no point 2 people making the same thing
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    dillyg10 are you really gonna make this plugin?

    -_Husky_- Can you make it cause i don't think Dill is and how long would it take you?

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  20. Yeah, i can, it's almost done, fewnmore lines and i'll shoot it off
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    -_Husky_- All items are supported? And are mobs supported or should i get mob disguise? What are the commands? Are there permission nodes? Anything else i need to know? And most importantly Thank You!
  22. I will make a post when i get around to finishing it
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    -_Husky_- how is it going how much longer
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    Hey you might want to hold off on making this- the people at disguisecraft are workin on disguising as blocks and boats and minecarts...
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    But disguise craft shows you so like if i turn into a enderdragon people see me under the enderdragon
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    really? not for me. did you give them the permission disguisecraft.seer? because thats what will happen if you do, but if you don't give them that, then they won't be able to see you.
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    Basically, if you're an admin and using DisguiseCraft, you can automatically see other people who are disguised. But lets say you combine it with Fakie http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/fakie/ then whether admin or not, you can still fool admins that you're disguised.
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    No one had disguise.seer and ok ill try fakie

    Still disguise craft doesn't use items and i don't want ops to see others disguised as mobs

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    Are your ops actually given admin commands with a permissions plugin? ie Groupmanager, Pex etc.

    Maybe they're given disguisecraft.* ?

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