[DISCUSSION] Active Building NPC's in Survival Multiplayer.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nagato, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Now, before i say anything. I want to show you this. -CLICK HERE-

    I have only realized that MineCraft existed last week. And am loving it, So much that I made my own private server for me and my friends to play on. But something is lacking. There is no Life in the world!

    I want to discuss the possibility, predicted requirements, ideas and/or predicaments of creating a plug-in for bukkit which creates NPC's that not only Move and interacts with players. But also builds, gathers and defends themselves when attacked by mobs/players?.
    If you were going to make a plugin like this, how would you do it? what programs would you use? Does it require a database? ( 99% chance it probably will ).

    I have tried substituting my current server with Citizens and npcx to try and recreate even a portion of Millenaire, Which works out fine. ( I have shops and Guards with a few bandits running around). But its still not at a point where they will surprise you when you go mining for a few days and come back just to see that there is now a massive castle in the middle of town!

    I am calling out to all Developers and forum members to share your Thoughts and Ideas about this topic. :)
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    Hmm. It does seem possible. How about you ask the creator of Millenaire if he can make a multi-player version that supports bukkit? I do not see how it could be any harder making it on SMP.
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    I too am hoping that this will come to SMP. I love the fact you can help them evolve into a mega city.
    Plus i saw on the yogscast so...Ive wanted it since then :p
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    True It didn't even struck me to simply ask the creator of millenaire! Oh and the problems i can think of on top of my head would be... It needs a client side mod, most likely some basic Database-ing... Server lag? but other than that still hoping :) thanks for the replies!​
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    If this went MP then it would definitely need a client side mod.
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    @anonymous Why? unless it adds new blocks/items I dont see why a client mod is needed.

    The server can handle mobs/npcs wandering around, pathfinding, and block breaking/placing, and giving the NPCs some interesting (random) drops like you would expect a 'human' to have.

    My concern would be the MASSIVE server load, if I would assign even a portion of my world to be continuously active so the server keeps the NPCs wandering around mining & building...
    Not to forget you want them to actually cooperate and build actual buildings, where the stairs are not build random, floors are even, and have some actual sense of architecture.
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    It does add new items: http://millenaire.wikia.com/wiki/Items

    also if you would want the NPC's to have skins other than default you would need to clientmod.
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    Yes I agree with the Server load concern. Looks to be the biggest hurdle ><


    It doesn't have to be a complete copy of Millenaire, though the skins would be nice but id really prefer a non client side modded plugin ><

    Thanks for all your Responses :)
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    Captain Kirk

    @Nagato @anonymous @OrtwinS

    You woudlnt need a clientside mod for the skins, look at citizens, that uses skins and its only a server plugin.
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    Wow, you just revived a thread that was dead for 2 months...

    But ontopic: We are talking about custom skins here, so you still need some mod, or you have to name your NPCs like real life players

    from the Citizens wiki:

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    Wow! its been a while since ive been modding my minecraft server and learnt a few stuff here and there :D
    this was my first post on the forums ever xD so its good to see that people are still interested in creating a self sufficient npc plugin.

    I have actually found a really nice plugin that has good npc interaction you may already know this plugin called Minequest. Npc's you create in minequest can have custom scripts that make the npc more than just a shop keeper that stares are you intently everytime you walk past by. they can actually run around, speak more than a single line of speech, give out quests or even steal money from you!

    AND! you can create your custom skin and upload it to the minequest skin database which is where the plugin takes its skin instead of the minecraft skin database!! so you can do stuff like making an npc named Guard and apply a different skin instead of the "default" master seargent one.

    well do check it out if you guys have the time xD hope this helped

    @Captain Kirk <--- btw your avatar is awesome.
  12. I was thinking of taking this idea on but until notch releases the adventure update in v1.8 I will hold off on this because he might be implementing it, knowing notch though he'll do barebones so I doubt he'll code fully fledged NPCs which build and stuff.
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    im not too knowledgeable yet but there is this nanobot plugin that is capable of building things...im sure you could at least spoof an npc doing the work somehow...
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    Cosmic Break

    the mod freezes the npc and area until the chunks are reloaded.
    spout can solve the problem with clientside mods and skins...eventually...
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