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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by _TitanFox_, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Wayshrines

    What I want: The ability for players to discover waypoints as a means of traversing the world.

    To explain in a little more detail for those who are interested; I've always found the current means of travelling, warps and such a bit redundant for actual exploration of the world. Now you could say players could explore without warps and that's absolutely valid but a faster and for all intensive purposes safer way to travel would be a warp system. That being said I think a discover-able warping system is the best of both worlds, it encourages players to explore and rewards them when they have! The idea for the name wayshrines comes from a name I'll be giving to these locations on my server (utilising a custom built shrine). I've attempted to find a plugin that works like this for some time, I did find one named FastTravel however it is littered with bugs and doesn't work particularly well and the developers seem to have abandoned the project. I then found another named DiscoverWarps however that plugin works based on pressure plates as an activator and that's not what I wanted.

    Now for the juice of what I'd like it to do:
    - The ability to define a location (where I'm stood when I enter the command, orientation also) as the location a player will be teleported to when they use the command.
    - The ability to define it's discover-able area on a radius from the location it was created.
    - The ability to define a base cost for using the teleport (to be configurable per waypoint).
    - The ability to configure an increment cost depending on how far away a player is from the waypoint (with a grace zone where the cost is free because they're so close also being configurable would be nice).
    - A GUI system to see discovered waypoints (not essential but nice none the less).
    - The ability to alter the description and name and item used in the GUI system for each waypoint.
    - A custom effect when a player discovers a waypoint (configurable).
    - A custom title text to appear upon discovering a waypoint (configurable).
    - A different custom title when a player revisits a pre-discovered waypoint (configurable).
    - A different title text when a player revisits a pre-discovered waypoint (configurable).
    - A custom effect showing the boarders of a "safezone" around the waypoint which stop showing when a configurable distance away from the waypoint (also having the ability to completely remove the safezone, allowing players to take damage. Having a configurable radius for said safezone would be nice thus allowing the ability to disable it).
    - The ability for the waypoint to be create with multi-worded name for example /ws create This Is A Shrine
    - The ability to see in a config who has discovered which waypoint and remove them from the list if necessary meaning they will need to discover it once again.
    - A waiting period before the player is teleported, if they move it will cancel the teleportation and not charge them the cost of the teleport (configurable).
    - Only discovered waypoints visible in the GUI.
    - The ability to broadcast a message server wide when a player discovers a waypoint (configurable).
    - Hooks into PlaceholderAPI or if you can create placeholders for player names and such and if that's easier that's cool also.

    Ideas for commands:
    ws or wayshrine work the same.
    /ws help - displays commands.
    /ws create <name> - creates a wayshrine where the player is stood.
    /ws list - displays a list of all wayshrines in chat.
    /ws cost <name> <amount> - base cost for using the wayshrine.
    /ws distancecost <name> <percentage amount> - cost increase over distance e.g. 0.001, 15% etc per 100 blocks away or something similar.
    /ws delete,del,remove <name> - deletes a wayshrine.
    /ws gui - displays a GUI of discovered wayshrines.

    Everything else to be altered in the config.

    Ideas for permissions: - to use the /ws help command.
    wayshrine.create - to use the /ws create command.
    wayshrine.use - to use the wayshrines this includes being charged when teleporting.
    wayshrine.list - to use the /ws list command.
    wayshrine.bypass - to bypass the cost for teleportation.
    wayshrine.cost - to use the /ws cost command.
    wayshrine.distancecost - to use the /ws distancecost command.
    wayshrine.delete - to use the /ws delete command.
    wayshrine.gui - to use the gui.
    wayshrine.admin - to have all wayshrines immediately discovered, be able to use every command, bypass the cost for all wayshrines.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible as I hope to implement this into my server sooner rather than later :)

    Thanks in advance to anybody who wishes to take on this request, it's really appreciated!
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    This sounds super interesting, and I’m happy to take it on. Thing is, I’m finishing up a project which should be done by tomorrow, so if anyone else wants to claim this go ahead. I’m also not sure how much time I can devote, so this may take a bit but I can try:)
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    @Yona168 Any help is absolutely appreciated :) I'm just happy somebody is interested in the idea :)
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    I'm not an experct but I think there are things that could be improved/kept simpler to make the plugin easier to use.

    1. Ok I just wanted to know how the teleport shall even work. With a command or with the gui?
    2. Basic cost and distnac cost should be one value only accesable in the config. Different values for every waypoint could become waaaaay to confusing and time consuming to change and why should anyone ingame actually change it?
    That would mean that /ws cost <name> <amount> & /ws distancecost <name> <amount> would not be needed anymore.
    3. one who can create a waypoint should be able to change/delete it in some cases, so just use a perission wayshrine.manage
    4. what would be the purpose of a list when there is already the gui? why would one need a permission to see his/her discovered waypoints?
    5. a "custom effect", I assume particle effect, could be literally anything and there would be needed 1000 parameter to make something working so maybe describe exactly what kind of effects you expect and what should be changeable

    Under this conditions i would maybe agree to try to code this
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    1: With a command. The GUI isn't really necessary for me personally because I use ChestCommands so I can easily implement what I want the players to see in the GUI and just have that run the commands for them on their behalf to teleport.

    2: The idea was that only staff/admins would be creating the waypoints as a means of fast travel for the players, all they will be able to do is discover the waypoints and then teleport to them. The admins will create them where necessary. As for the distance cost it doesn't need to be a command it could be a variable I can change in the config that just multiples the base cost say $100 by a percentage I set which increases the further a player is away **Now that I think about it, this can just be a global percentage and just have the ability to either say "true" or "false" on each waypoint to using it. Maybe using this calculation (Base Cost x Block Distance = True Cost). So if they're 1000 blocks away it'll cost them 1000 x the base cost or something along those lines... I'm just throwing out suggestions lol I'm more than happy to have the distance cost be a variable that I set in the config to whatever I wish if that's possible/easier where I set the value it costs per block away or something like that.

    3: I'm fine with that permission if it's easier :) I didn't think of having it as an all in one to be honest!

    4: The list again was just if a GUI wasn't being implemented, no need for both just one or the other :)

    5: Yeah sorry, particle effect is what I mean. Maybe have it run a Title for the player
    which I can configure? A title message for discovering it, a title message for visiting it again both independent and configurable? Perhaps also have an effect like a firework explosion and a sound effect (level up or something) player when the player discovers the waypoint also?

    Ultimately it's just the teleportation, discovery, playing an effect when discovered and cost side of things that I'm desperate for.

    Again I really appreciate your time :)

    **EDIT** Apologies if this is lacking sense, it's nearly 2am for me so I'm struggling to keep my eyes open let alone make a legible sentence :p I've now edited my original post some more to clarify as I feel I misunderstood your post :p again my bad it's 2am
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    Sorry, can’t do this atm. Maybe someone else can:)
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    @Yona168 Thank you anyway :)

    To anybody who may be interested in making this plugin... This is basically what I want: however as I've said in the discussion for the plugin there are a few bugs/flaws which make it unstable to use and as I also said it appears that the developers may have abandoned the project entirely :/ I don't know if this will help but it's worth noting I guess.
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    @_TitanFox_ actually Im not such a big fan of plugins like "yeah actuallyjust copy this".

    Try to email the creators, tell them what does not work, they surely will be done much faster than anyone here
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    @MightyOne I have been attempting to make contact and continue to do so.

    There were changes to this I was hoping to have added and such, however I respect your decision and appreciate your time none the less.
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