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  1. You are using either iConomy 4.0 or an unofficial version, as you can see it's not finding the iConomy plugin class.
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    Well I'm using the same one from the same link I've always gone to.

    Edit: I asked the people at iConomy and they said I was using the official 3.0, and they said you really need to update for 4.0
    Also I wouldn't because a even newer update is comming soon that brings back the time intervals that give you coins per what ever you put in the config file.

    Awww what, it's discontinued =(

    Anyone know a plugin that does this, this was one of my favorite plugins

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    If you purely want to repair things, use AutoRepair
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    Sorry to hear that. It's been working perfectly on my server. I can understand your frustration, though. I get frustrated as an admin trying to keep on top of all these ridiculous internet drama :qq: meltdowns - I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you as a dev when, for example, iConomy has been developed, quit, and then re-started with three different versions all in the last week.

    It's ridiculous, and a good example of how too much modularity in craftbukkit isn't necessarily a good thing.
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    Ah very dissapointing : /
    Totally understand though, and thank you for sharing your awesome plugin for as long as you did! Hopefully someone will pick up where you left off since this was such an awesome plugin!
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    Well i love this plugin and really want to continue where you stopped with your plugin. (i also send you a PM)
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    It would be amazing if you could. I love this plugin as well, and AutoRepair isn't a good enough alternative.
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    I agree... to be frank, AutoRepair is far too cheap. Plugins should enhance the game, not create cheat codes (at least for my server this is my line of thought.)

    Would really appreciate someone taking over this great plugin.
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    Autorepair is "far too cheap"? so edit the config and make it more expensive...
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    The only reason I believe that AutoRepair isn't a good alternative is because it lacks partial repairs. Everything that might make it too cheap is configurable (ie. automatically repairing items).

    Though it does also lack a repair all function, but that is more of an annoyance.

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