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    I have a fully updated server, craftbukkit 1060. My plugins are:
    -Color me
    -FLT Detector
    I am running windows 7 and my friend keeps disconnecting and I'm getting this on my command prompt:
    (Look near the bottom where it says stuff about disconnecting)
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    Any help?
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    No, I'm not sure.
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    Ports free?
    Test without Plugins and test again.
    set view-distance=5
    try ^^

    What connection have the server and ram cpu ......

    Play Minecraft and Server on the Same Computer?
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    there's an error in the console...
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    Tried testing with no plugins, doesn't work. I'll try the view distance one though. And, yes my ports are open.


    Do I absolutly need the permissions mod? Or is it just strongly suggested? Cause' now I'm thinking maybe the system isn't detecting permissions and kicking.

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    The thing at the beggining,in your image...it's the ending of a raytrace,which shows an error! :|
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    I started a new server from scratch (no plugins, totally updated, new world. All vanilla) and we still had the same problem of bad compressed data format. By the looks of that test it seems as though the problem isnt within the server itself, but something outside the server causing this. Maybe my internet? Any other possibilities on how to fix this or atleast what you think it is?
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    Does it only involve this one person?

    Actually looking at the picture I see 3 things that could be wrong
    -Server needs to be updated?
    -something is wrong with the network of yours or one of your friends
    Making it not impossible to enter but not letting them enter for long

    If you wanna test that the problem is your network try using hamachi
    Where they have a network and ip
    If using hamachi doesn't fix the problem
    Then you know it doesn't have to do with your network
    And/ or
    -If you have had to compress or expand how much ram you are using
    You may have improperly done that

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    Could you please send me link to the latest build? Every one I download seems to be the wrong one. And yes, we can use hamachi with no problems but we want to make this server open to the public so we can't use hamachi. I think my ram needs to be expanded.
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    Hi, Can I Just Have Some Details.
    1. 32Bit or 64Bit
    2.Have You Got Any Other Computers That May Effect The Band Width
    3.Do You Have Many Other Documents And Folders Whilst Running The Server
    And 4. Do You Have A Fair Amount Of Space On Your Computer

    Post Likes For Icon And Caps;) Or Ill Cry:'( And U Wont Get Any [cake] :)
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    I have a 32 bit windows 7. I have 3 computers in my house. Mine, our main router one, and my sisters netbook. For #3 heres picture:
    And finally, I have about 70gbs left on my computer. Hope you can help :(
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