"Disconnect.spam" - People aren't spamming, just typing quickly.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by btrilla, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Anyone who plays in our server that is not an OP is constantly getting this "Disconnect.spam" kick message when entering commands like warps quickly or typing quickly. (Quickly as in multiple lines per minute)

    Does anyone have a solution? I have searched google for hours trying to find one... No one can seem to fix this issue and there are quite a few people with it.

    Much appreciated if someone does!

    These are the plugins we are usng:[​IMG]
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    It's a plugin that is doing this. Your server (without plugins) isn't just going to kick someone.
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    Are you sure you aren't also running NoCheatPlus? I know it at one point had the ability to hide itself from /plugins. If you are running it, then that is probably where it is happening.
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    How old are you? You're kidding me right. Obviously it's a plugin. I have searched every config file for a chat threshold or spam declaration of some sort and haven't found any. Ones that I did find -- I tweaked and did not fix.

    Never did I once state it wasn't a plugin. Your ego is quite big.

    Yes, we did have NoCheatPlus -- however, we went in and deleted it. Is there a chance there's traces/a specific file left somewhere?

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    TnT Retired Staff

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    No need to remove it. Just turn off the check for chat spamming or at a minimum, the command spam part. I think there is also a permission you can give to allow your members to spam but not the guests.

    Edit - Or see the above. :)
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    Yes, we realize that this error is not caught/recorded by the console. Not sure if that link helps me...

    We deleted it so I will go re-install it and alter the chat spamming part, however; something is telling me that there is something else that is conflicting with this/causing this to happen as we had deleted the NoCheat jar aswell as the folder.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Tell them to slow down and not spam the chat. That's how they're getting kicked.
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    You might have another plugin that is hiding itself from your /plugins. You could post your startup server.log to just rule any extra plugins out.
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    Doesn't make sense that someone is unable to type a few lines of text/commands without being kicked.
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    and @xXTh3B3astXxify

    Actually... no... if you run bukkit without plugins... you can get kicked for spamming.

    So it's not a plugin doing this. Just tested it again myself.

    Your ego is apparently just as big... and incorrect.
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    Yes, I am aware that Minecraft itself has built in spam prevention; however, I do not think it is as sensitive as the spam kicking "disconnect.spam" issue we are experiencing.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    You contradict yourself. You stated they are trying to type the same command quickly multiple times in a row. That's considered spamming, which is why they got kicked.

    This is a vanilla Minecraft feature.
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    I'm not really contradicting myself... Spamming is a word that can be perceived differently to different people. In my case, they are not spamming.

    Well... For instance, someone using a simple /TPA or warp twice in a minute triggers this issue. In my opinion, that is hyper-sensitive. Maybe not to you -- but with the atmosphere and scenarios our server has; it is quite sensitive.

    TnT - Is there a way to disable this feature? Or perhaps lessen it's hyper sensitive reaction to fast chatting?
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    TnT Retired Staff

    If you truly are triggering the vanilla feature, I know of no way to disable it.
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    TnT - We just disabled all plugins and the disconnect.spam still persists; so yes, it is the vanilla feature you are referring to.

    I'm assuming it's actually embedded into minecrafts functions/methods, yes?
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

    It's not hyper and it's impossible to trigger the built-in protection with only two messages, I can lay that out plainly. I'm also not going to explain the exact mechanics of an exploit prevent.

    I will however say that you are either not running CraftBukkit, or your server is running plugins that are using things outside Bukkit API (under the assumption that no plugin is explicitly checking for spam). Anyone familiar with the implications of my last statement can read into the exact cause, but for you, try removing plugins. You'd be surprised at what the community thinks is good, but turn out to cause problems like this.

    And, excuse me for calling you out on saying that the disconnect.spam issue persists with absolutely no plugins. You are either not describing the problem completely, or the facts don't add up when you state you use /tpa without plugins.
  18. 1. NoCheatPlus would "hide" all plugins or no plugins, not single ones. It is an optional feature.
    2. There is no kick with "disconnect.spam" in NoCheatPlus.
    3. All kicking with using the default config will get logged to the console with [NoCheatPlus] identifying where it comes from.
    4. There is no chance anything is left, once the jar is removed.


    All this stays a bit foggy without knowing the server version, though. Turns out people run 1.3.1 with "long gone" plugin versions, never know...

    Did you use the reload command for testing without plugins or did you use a full restart?
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    I also have this hypersensitive issue with one of my servers, could it be a plugin enhancing this feature?
    The plugins I have that you have are: be the mob, worldedit, vault PEX and the essentials suite.
  20. If it is a plugin, you might also check those doing anything with the Minecraft protocol (disguising, packet inspection/api, obfuscation). If you test without plugins, be sure not to use reload while being online, if plugins override players connections anything can happen, better do a clean restart.

    One might ask the dev of the "be the mob" plugin if he is doing anything like described here (BKCommonLib issue):
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    wont the spam check by effected by server packet lag/TPS lag/something else, so even normal plugins that strictly use bukkit API could have an effect on it?
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    Just a little fyi here.

    NoCheatPlus v3.5.5_1

    NoCheatPlus is now hidden from the /plugins command

    Fixed an issue with the fly tracker and water
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    This version is outdated long time ago. After NeatMonster re-coded NoCheatPlus in version 3.7 he removed this feature and replaced it by fully hiding the commands /pl /plugins and /version.

    asofold is currently the main developer of NC+ so I'm sure he knows what he is talking about to NC+ related stuff.
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    Sure, hence why I said that at one point it had the ability and not that it has the ability now.
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    NC+ 3.5.x is way too outdated so it wouldn't even start up with the current Minecraft/Craftbukkit servers so it would be shown red in the plugins list. However NC+ 3.5.5_1 also wouldn't hide from oped players and console, NeatMonster implemented this to just hide NC+ for default players.
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    Good to know but I'm missing the relevance here. All I was doing was trying to help someone with a problem they were having and I asked them a question.
  27. It is ok :), as far as i know even the version you quoted there would not hide just NCP from plugins, still all or none.

    Edit: The point is the plugin list (/pl), there has never been an attempt to remove just NoCheatPlus from the display, it would either be none shown or all.
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    The problem still persists.

    We disabled all plugins, restarted the server and made sure by doing /plugins. The list was empty. After the fresh restart the problem still persists.

    Is there some sort of group permission we can assign to the default usergroup that prevents this sort of kick?
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    Show us a log of the console with this happening without plugins.
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    One of the versions he had did hide it from the plugins list. We were still allowing access to the plugins command at that time and it was nice that it hid itself. Well, we didn't really care either way but it was funny to see people come on the server and get kicked for using hacks quickly and then come back on and ask how we caught them. We were really disappointed when NeatMonster stopped developing NoCheatPlus and while it was great to see it was picked up again, we had already switched to AntiCheat.

    At this point though we have hijacked his thread to talk about the history of NoCheatPlus and it looks like he is still having problems so we should take it to PMs if there is anything else to discuss.
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