disconnect.overflow Only at spawn area for 1/3rd of community

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jazzman170, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Ok so at my spawn area, about one third of my population is having this problem. The moment they goto spawn area or market area (right by spawn) they get disconnected with end of stream or java exception errors.Might have been 1 or 2 other errors as well, but its always the same in console "disconnect.overflow". Retrying(rejoining) a billion different times doesnt help.

    This is even happening to new players that join for the very first time, where other new players for the first time are perfectly fine upon joining! I'm so confused as to what is causing this. The only way i can fix this is by tp'ing them to me while im somewhere AWAY from spawn before it disconnects them, and the moment they goto the /warp market (by spawn) or /spawn, they get disconnected and it doesnt help no matter how many times they relog.

    Please somebody help me figure this out.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

    So far i have tried restarting the server and deleting my entire spawn area, copying it via .schematic first, then regenerating the chunks around what used to be spawn area, then pasteing the spawn area back in.

    Strange thing, i had one of the problematic players join my test server after doing so, and it works fine for him, then i copy'd over that test servers map to my public server, and its good for that 1 player, but the other players that had the issue are still having it :/

    Yet just that 1 player is fine now.


    ok this is pissing me off, im losing a butt ton of players from this. New players are joining and cant even play. Some get through, others dont. i dont understand WTF it is about my spawn area that is "overflow" 'ing players!

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    It may be totally unrelated. But I had a similar issue on my server once.
    It turned out, we had used WE to clear an ares which previously contained an enderchest.
    Somehow the block, now being air, was still getting information as being an enderchest. Crashing every person that was getting near to it.

    The solution was to load the world into MCedit. Select and analyze the region that was affected and save the world.

    As is said, It was not the exact same error. But it might help.
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    I have actualy fixed this problem by lowering the server view distance from 10 to 7, and now it created a lot less load on ALL players AND the server, as well as no longer disconnects the effected players with the overflow message in console and "stream error/ java error" for clients.
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