Disappearing Minecarts on switching to bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xgkkp, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I've recently started trying to use CraftBukkit to run my server, after getting frustrated with the vanilla client.

    However, ofter loading into my world with bukkit all of my minecarts have either disappeared or (in two cases I found) moved to a seemingly random location near where they were (in this second case, they are not interactable by walking into them). Reloading with the vanilla server shows that they are still in their original, working place, so bukkit isn't screwing up the save files.

    Am I doing something terribly wrong? I can't find anyone else talking about this issue, but don't see where I could have mis-configured. I'm not using any plugins (I tried dynmap but disabled it to diagnose this issue) and have tried with the recommended 493, what the server self-reported as 496 and the version at http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/508 .
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    So, it turns out that the randomly positioned minecarts are a red herring - if I attempt to push the cart where it normally is, it appears normally. And if I push a cart into where a booster should be the booster cart appears back in the world.

    Except every time I disconnect and reconnect everything disappears and I have to do it again.
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    Am I really the only one with this problem?
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    No. I have this issue too. I think it happens only when the chunk is unloaded. I've noticed they seem to render at a much lower elevation then suddenly render where they should be when you get them to move by attempting to interact with where they should be but are "invisible".


    I'm also surprised this hasnt received more attention
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    This issue is also preventing me from moving past build 480, although not a reccomended build it seems to continue to work with my plugins, b493, 522 and 531 all have this issue. I posted on another thread a couple days ago about this issue, there was no response from anyone other than myself and the OP. I have no further information but am glad someone has identified the actual commit that caused the problem, the devs may be able to get around to fixing this annoyance now that someone has helped them find the problem.

    I would be interested to know what build the commit on github corresponds to in jenkins.
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    It's build 483 that first has this commit: http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/483/

    Though I cannot recall if all the surrounding ones compiled (I don't know maven at all, and it seems to have issues compiling from non-HEAD checkouts).

    If you are setup for compiling you can check out the repository and revert this one commit. Unfortunately, the bukkit commit messages in general seem to be extremely vague, so I have no idea what the intention of this commit was or any side-effects reintroducing it might have. The committing developer doesn't seem to have active in the past 10 days or so.
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    I think we have done all we can, with issues filed on both bug trackers. Obviously it's not a universal problem otherwise there would be more noise.

    Just compile in the patch reversion on top of whatever CraftBukkit version you want, that should tide things over until we get a proper fix.
    Also, IIRC the perpetual boosters were always a bit flakey. I use the door-triggered ones whenever I need a booster-on-demand, because I totally distrust the game to do the right thing when loading/unloading.
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    I'm definitely a huge fan of the door boosters and starting to implement them more myself, but retrofitting an entire server is at least a daunting task. It hurts even more to think about when vanilla server works fine; This is specific to Bukkit and I'd love to encourage Bukkit use.

    I'm definitely down with the manual compile approach, unfortunately I'm only starting to learn Java/Eclipse and github just out right feels like it molests me whenever I start to fiddle with it. Do you know of a good guide I could follow to integrate with "the standard" compile/reversion approach for Windows?

    Does anyone know what alias VictorD goes by in these forums or IRC? Perhaps we can get his specific attention and look closer at it?

    Also if this is specific to our configurations, what do we have that others do not? Here are the plugins I'm running:
    dev-CraftBukkit #541 - Bukkit Mod
    rTriggers v0.6_7 - Death messages
    BorderGuard Lite (Square) v2.1 - 2200 block limit from (X:0,Z:0)
    MapMarkers v0.3.1 - Live player positions on website map image
    ChatStamp v1.03 - Date/time stamp for chat
    WorldGuard 4.0-alpha1 - Region protection, lava/fire/tnt permissions
    WorldEdit 4.2 - Required by WorldGuard (Everything disabled)

    I'll try disabling all my plugins later tonight and do some testing to see if it's a plugin.
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    If they work reliably in vanilla, then yeah they should definitely work in Bukkit.

    The base problem isn't plugin related, because a) it's a patch on Craftbukkit that broke it, b) I did all of my testing without any plugins anyway, but I wonder if any of the minecart mods sidestep the issue somehow (IANA java person so can't really tell if they have this capability in the API).

    By configuration, I more meant configuration of minecarts in the world/something in the world files that makes it susceptible, though I can't imagine what that might be.

    I don't know a decent guide to setting up compiling/gitting for windows, as I don't use that OS. If you are set up for compiling and don't know how to revert a commit in git, here is one repository on github with the reversion on top of current recommended (531), and you should be able just to download a zip file of it. I probably wouldn't want to push any higher than this version for now, as it looks like API changes are being worked on.
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    David PRitchett

    Fantastic! Finally.

    So, what does this mean exactly? When are we likely to see this fix in a recommended build?

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    Yes, next recommended build should include this commit.
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    Next recommended build INCLUDES it because it includes everything what was there before it.
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