Disabling use of Buckets (Water, Lava, ect...) And going past Bedrock

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by H4llucin8, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I need a plugin that makes it so that only Ops can use buckets of water and lava. Also, how can I make it so nobody digs past the bedrock underground? Any suggestions?
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    Go to plugins.bukkit.org and click on the category Anti-Griefing Tools. Tons of plugins with that kind of functionality.
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    no better way to say it!
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    Nobody can dig past bedrock without a plugin allowing them to do so. WorldGuard is popular for disabling the use of buckets.

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    Creative mode allows digging past bedrock. And yes easy to fix with worldguard. Disable placing bedrock if you disable breaking it.
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    Oh, right, my bad. Here is a sample WorldGuard blacklist for that:
    Why do you assume they'd want to disable placing bedrock?

  7. Would you allow players on your server to be able to place blocks that noone can remove?
  8. I don't think your players should be touching bedrock period. Any interaction with it should be canceled.
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    My users have a habit of boxing in idle users, sometimes even placing protected signs on the blocks so the user trapped inside can not escape when they come back. Being able to place bedrock but not remove would make it easier to trap players and require admins to fix it.

    So I did this in WorldGuards blacklist.txt
    I don't like breaking it by mistake, but if needed I just uncomment the ignore-groups line.
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    To make users able to escape from such traps you could add a spawn/warp/teleport location so they can get out just by teleporting. If you don't want people to use it too often just set timers (like once every 24h or something).

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