Disabling armor resistance

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Ziden, Dec 21, 2014.

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    My question is fair simple, and i couldnt make it work.

    Is it possible to disable all armor protections ? Diamond = naked etc.

    Thanks for the attention !
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    @Ziden Use the EntityDamageEvent. I believe all the algorithms for enchantments are on the wiki.
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    @Ziden hmm not sure, if it is server side ( dont think it is) then yes you can use reflection to override it but if it is client side then no.
    The only possible solution i can think of is taking over damaging. like, find what damage does wood sword do to no armor player, and then on entitydamagebyentity cancel the event and damage the player manually like if it is wood sword damage him by 2.0 I think this way no matter the armor it will do the same damage
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    im using it , but how can i change the damage for the real damage w/o armor calculations ?

    Ive tought on calling p.damage(ev.getDamage(), ev.getDamagee(), ev.getCause()) however it wont work properly.
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    @Ziden Use the opposite algorithm.
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    how ?
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