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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Yudaz, May 27, 2011.

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    Very many are using/or used fly-mod on my server... I want to disable it for someone but not me! I dont want to change to "disable" in the server.properties file... Someone know how to do it then? I have seen it on most servers, but havent thought of asking them! ;)
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    Daniel Heppner

    Why do you want to disable it? Flying is fun. :)
    I'm running a 16 player server (look at my signature) and I allow flying without issues.
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    I dont think you can do this with the built-in system...try disabling it and using a plugin instead :p
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    @andrewkm posted a great way to do this in another thread about this exact thing.
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    The NoCheat plugin allows for this as well.
    • Hi, anyone know a plugin that allows you to flie ? :) (and i don't mean hover, like in one i tried with a feather, nor with a "magic carpet" like i tried another plugin ... :mad: I want true noclip ! :cool:
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  7. Noone who knows a good flying bukkit plugin that works as noclip ? no hovering, no magic carpets, no other sillyness, ust plain real flying...
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    You are all that is wrong with the Internet.
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  9. I see :) /takes that honor and runs off before anyone else claims hes even 'wronger'
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  10. Anyway, long storyshort based on the flood of reactions, for all who read this and were looking as well ... a real fly (noclip) plugin for bukkit does not exist.
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    It does exist.
    In the form of zombe + Nocheat + very easy configuration.
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