Disable essentials commands?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Karlkorv, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Hi, i'm using AdminCmd and essentials, and i want to use admincmds /msg and teleportation. How do i get this to work?


    Please, i need help!

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    Well what you're saying in the title isn't what your saying in the actual post. If you want to disable commands, the best option would be getting Permissions and then adding -permission.node.here to whatever group you want to disable it for.
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    If you want to disable commands for any plugin you will be able to do so using the following method.
    • Download plugin jar file
    • Rightclick and open the jar file with winrar
    • Edit the plugin.yml file with notepad++ or simular
    • Scroll down the list and comment out with a # symbol the commands you dont want essentials to have.
    For exapple for /msg you would have this

    #  msg:
    #    description: Sends a private message to the specified player.
    #    usage: /<command> <to> <message>
    #    aliases: [m,t,emsg,tell,etell,whisper,ewhisper]
    When done save it and close the file. You should then get a message from winrar asking you if you want to update the archive. Click yes and you are done.

    Hope that helps you :D
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    TheMadMan697 Thank you so much for that... Don't know why I forgot about this method, but I've been pulling my hair over it. Thanks again :)
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    unneeded with essentials.. see disabled-commands config section.
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    Actually not true, disabling the command -t -tell does not give you access to 'MyTown' mod's /t command, you are completely blocking the ability to do /t if you disable it via the ess config. Doing it via editing the jar, will unlock the /t command for another plugin or mod to use.

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