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    The purpose of this list is to list all events that are up to date to a certain date and will be updated and checked weekly. This is useful if you don't like going through the mess of Javadocs.

    • BlockBreakEvent - Called when block breaks
    • BlockBurnEvent - Called when block burns
    • BlockCanBuild - Called when we try to place a block to see if we can build it here
    • BlockDamageEvent - Called when block is damaged by a player
    • BlockDispenseEvent - Called when an item is dispensed from a block
    • BlockEvent - Represents a block related event *
    • BlockFadeEvent - Called when a block fades, melts, or disappears based on world conditions
    • BlockFormEvent - Called when a block is formed or spreads based on world conditions
    • BlockFromToEvent - Represents events with source block and a destination block, only applies to liquid and teleporting dragon eggs
    • BlockGrowEvent - Called when a block grows naturally in the world
    • BlockIgniteEvent - Called when a block is ignited
    • BlockPhysicsEvent - Thrown when a block physics check is called
    • BlockPistonEvent - ??
    • BlockPistonExtendEvent - ??
    • BlockPistonRetractEvent - ??
    • BlockPlaceEvent - Called when a block is placed by a player
    • BlockRedstoneEvent - Called when a block is powered by redstone or a redstone current changes
    • BlockSpreadEvent - Called when a block spreads based on world conditions
    • EntityBlockFormEvent - Called when a block is formed by entities
    • LeavesDecayEvent - Called when leaves are decaying naturally
    • NotePlayEvent - Called when a note block is being played through per player interaction or a redstone current
    • SignChangeEvent - Called when a sign is changed by a player

    • EnchantItemEvent - Called when an ItemStack is successfully enchanted at a table
    • PrepareItemEnchantEvent - Called when an ItemStack is inserted in an enchantment table, can be fired multiple times
    • CreatureSpawnEvent - Called when a creature is spawned into a world
    • CreperPowerEvent - Called when a Creeper is hit by lightning and becomes supercharged
    • EntityBreakDoorEvent - Called when an entity breaks a door
    • EntityChangeBlockEvent - Called when a LivingEntity changes a block
    • EntityCombustByBlockEvent - ??
    • EntityCombustByEntityEvent - ??
    • EntityCombustEvent - Called when an entity combusts (or catches on fire)
    • EntityCreatePortalEvent - Thrown when a LivingEntity creates a portal in a world
    • EntityDamageByBlockEvent - Called when entity is hurt by block
    • EntityDamageByEntityEvent - Called when entity is hurt by another entity
    • EntityDamageEvent - Stores data for damage events
    • EntityDeathEvent - Thrown when a LivingEntity dies
    • EntityEvent - Represents an entity-based event
    • EntityExplodeEvent - Called when an entity explodes
    • EntityInteractEvent - Called when an entity interacts with an object
    • EntityMakeLoveEvent - Called when an entity makes love with another entity
    • EntityPortalEnterEvent- Stores data for entities standing inside a portal block
    • EntityRegainHealthEvent - Stores data for health-regain events
    • EntityShootBowEvent - Called when a LivingEntity shoots a bow, firing an arrow
    • EntityTameEvent - Thrown when a LivingEntity is tamed
    • EntityTargetEvent - Called when a creature targets or untargets another entity
    • EntityTargetLivingEntityEvent - Called when an entity targets a LivingEntity and can only be the target
    • EntityTeleportEvent - Thrown when a non-player entity (such as an Enderman) tries to teleport from one location to another
    • ExpBottleEvent - Called when a ThrownExpBottle hits and releases experience
    • ExplosionPrimeEvent - Called when an entity has made a decision to explode (TNT, creeper)
    • FoodLevelChangeEvent - Called when a human entity's food level changes
    • ItemDespawnEvent - Called when an item despawns from the world
    • PigZapEvent - Called when a pig is struck by lightning
    • PlayerDeathEvent - Thrown whenever a Player dies
    • PotionSplashEvent - Called when a projectile is launched
    • SheepDyeWoolEvent - Called when a sheep's wool is dyed
    • SheepRegrowWoolEvent - Called when a sheep regrow its wool
    • SlimeSplitEvent - Called when a Slime splits into smaller fragments
    • BrewEvent - Brewed something (?)
    • CraftItemEvent - Crafted an item (?)
    • FurnaceBurnEvent - Called when an ItemStack is being burned as furl in a furnace
    • FurnaceSmeltEvent - Same as above, but being smelted into another substance
    • InventoryClickEvent - ??
    • InventoryCloseEvent - Called when inventory is closed
    • InventoryEvent - Represents an inventory-related event
    • InventoryOpenEvent - Called when inventory is opened
    • PaintingBreakByEntityEvent - Triggered when a painting is removed by an entity
    • PaintingBreakEvent - Triggered when a painting is removed
    • PaintingEvent - Represents a painting-related event
    • PaintingPlaceEvent - Triggered when a painting is created in the world
    • AsyncPlayerChatEvent - Triggered synchronously depending how it was triggered
    • AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent - Stores details for players attempting to log in
    • PlayerAnimationEvent - Represents a player animation event
    • PlayerBedEnterEvent - Fired when player is about to enter the bed
    • PlayerBedLeaveEvent - Fired when a player leaving the bed
    • PlayerBucketEmptyEvent - Called when a bucket is emptied
    • PlayerBucketEvent - Represents a bucket-related event
    • PlayerBucketFillEvent - Called when a player fills a bucket
    • PlayerChannelEvent - Called after a player registers or unregisters a new plugin channel
    • PlayerChatEvent - Holds information for player chat and commands !-DEPRECATED-!
    • PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent - Called when a player attempts to tab-complete a message
    • PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent - Called early in command handling process
    • PlayerDropItemEvent - Thrown when a player drops an item from inventory
    • PlayerEggThrowEvent - Called when a player throws an egg and it might hatch
    • PlayerEvent - Represents a player-related event
    • PlayerExpChangeEvent - Called when a players experience changes naturally
    • PlayerFishEvent - Thrown when a player is fishing
    • PlayerGameModeChangeEvent - Called when someone switches gamemode
    • PlayerInteractEntityEvent - Represents an event that is called when a player right clicks an entity
    • PlayerInteractEvent - Called when a player interacts w/ an object or air
    • PlayerInventoryEvent - Represents a player related inventory event, not that this event never actually did anything
    • PlayerItemBreakEvent - Fired when a player's item breaks
    • PlayerItemHeldEvent - Fired when a player changes their currently held item
    • PlayerJoinEvent - Called when a player joins a server
    • PlayerKickEvent - Called when a player is kicked from the server
    • PlayerLevelChangeEvent - Called when a players level changes
    • PlayerLoginEvent - Stores details for players attempting to log in
    • PlayerMoveEvent - Holds info for player movement events
    • PlayerPickupItemEvent - Thrown when a player picks up an item up from the ground.
    • PlayerPortalEvent - Called when a player completes the portaling process by standing in a portal
    • PlayerPreLoginEvent - Stores details for players attempting to log in
    • PlayerQuitEvent - Called when a player leaves a server
    • PlayerRegisterChannelEvent - Called immediately after player registers for a plugin channel
    • PlayerRespawnEvent - Called when a player respawns
    • PlayerShearEntityEvent - Called when a player shears an entity, like a sheep
    • PlayerTeleportEvent - Holds information is player teleport events
    • PlayerToggleFlightEvent - Called when a player toggles flying state
    • PlayerToggleSneakEvent - Called when a player toggles sneak state
    • PlayerToggleSprintEvent - Called when a player toggles sprint state
    • PlayerUnregisterChannelEvent - Called immediately after player unregisters for a plugin channel
    • PlayerVelocityEvent - ??
    • MapIntializeEvent - Called when a map is loaded
    • PluginDisableEvent - Called when a plugin is diabled
    • PluginEnableEvent - Called when a plugin is enabled
    • PluginEvent - Used for plugin enable/disable events
    • RemoteServerCommandEvent - ??
    • ServerCommandEvent - ??
    • ServerEvent - Misc. server events
    • ServerListPingEvent - Called when a server list ping is coming in
    • ServiceEvent - An event relating to a registered service
    • ServiceRegisterEvent - Called when a service is registered
    • ServiceUnregisterEvent - Called when a service is unregistered
    • VehicleBlockCollisionEvent - Raised when a vehicle collides with a block
    • VehicleCollsionEvent - Raised when a vehicle collides
    • VehicleCreateEvent - Raised when a vehicle is created
    • VehicleDamageEvent - Raised when a vehicle receives damage from any source
    • VehicleDestroyEvent - Raised when a vehicle is destroyed by any causes, natural or player
    • VehicleEnterEvent - Raised when an entity enters the vehicle
    • VehicleEntityCollisionEvent - Raised when a vehicle collides with an entity
    • VehicleEvent - Represents a vehicle-related event
    • VehicleExitEvent - Raised when a living entity exits a vehicle
    • VehicleMoveEvent - Raised when a vehicle moves
    • VehicleUpdateEvent - Called when a vehicle is updated (?)
    • LightningStrikeEvent - Stores data for lightning striking
    • ThunderChangeEvent - Stores data for tunder state changing in a world
    • WeatherChangeEvent - Stores data for weather changing in a world
    • WeatherEvent - Represents a weather-related event
    • ChunkEvent - Represents a Chunk related event
    • ChunkLoadEvent - Called when a chunk is loaded
    • ChunkPopulateEvent - Thrown when a new chunk has finished being populated
    • ChunkUnloadEvent - Called when a chunk is unloaded
    • PortalCreateEvent - Called when a portal is created
    • SpawnChangeEvent - Called when world's spawn is changed
    • StructureGrowEvent - Called when an organic structure attempts to grow (Saping > Tree, Mushroom > Huge Mushroom) naturally or using bonemeal
    • WorldEvent - Represents events within a world
    • WorldInitEvent - Called when a World is initializing
    • WorldLoadEvent - Called when a World is loaded
    • WorldSaveEvent - Called when a World is saved
    • WorldUnloadEvent - Called when a World is unloaded
    The purpose of this list is to eliminate headstrain by looking at javadocs while providing a readable list in alphabetical order and describing when its fired. This is a list that is still work-in-progress. I still have to do Player but I'll do it in the afternoon.
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    Brilliant! You're missing EntityMakeLoveEvent though.
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    List complete!
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    Linking each one to the corresponding javadoc would be great. ;)
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    In the morning, I will, then I'll make a reply. I'm so exhausted to do anything with this tutorial right now.
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    U might want to change the painting events, those have been deprecated if im not mistaken, in favor of hanging event.
  7. InventoryClickEvent - Called when you click on something in your inventory (left click / right click / shift + click etc.)
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    Thought that was a joke for a sec, until i thought of breeding XD

    FTWin01Gurl, great list :D
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    Its actually called when you and me do it like they do it on the discovery channel.
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    No problems. I'll link the event to the corresponding event class in the java documents soon.
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    Awesome, thanks!
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    Clever clever xD. I love that song haha.
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    u should put in the hangingevents. they replaced the painting events.
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    Need to add HangingBreakEvent, HangingBreakByEntityEvent and HangingBreakByEntityEvent
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    how come there is a PlayerEggThrowEvent and not a PlayerSnowballThrowEvent? are snowballs intergrated in in?
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    Sorry for the long absence, life has been shredding my free time. I may try to work on the list more. To help, you can PM me the link to new events if you wish. You will be credited.
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    InventoryClickEvent is called when you are in your inventory, and you click on an item (right/left/shift/whatever)
    ServerCommandEvent is called when a command is executed from console
    BlockPistonExtendEvent is called when a piston extends its arm
    BlockPistonRetractEvent is called when the arm gets pulled back
    BlockPistonEvent is called when a piston extends or retracts its arm
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    Really amazing!
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    Guessing type on CreeperPowerEvent is spelled like CreperPowerEvent, apart from that, great list.
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    Does EntityMakeLoveEvent no longer exist?
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    InventoryClickEvent - fires when a player clicks into an inventory field
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    Still waiting on this =p but I love this, it's very useful.
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    EDIT: I see this is outdated, I would like to ask permission to take this over in my own thread to finish / keep it updated.
  24. I doubt you'd have to ask permission. The OP hasn't been on since march.
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    Last updated in November of 2012, I would say this is out of date. Plus, just use the JavaDocs.
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