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    A plugin that uses the crackshot API but also adds these into the mix

    Crackshot bukkit dev page
    Hooking into crackshot

    Suggested name: gunstats

    AGI (Agility) - determines movement speed of a character
    VIT (Vitality) - determines health of a character
    DEX (Dexterity) - determines accuracy of a player and ability to hit targets
    STR (Strength) - determines the carrying capacity and ability to wield certain guns
    DEF (Defense) - determines the defense of a player

    It would be nice if these would level somewhat like skill points in an mmo. So you get XP from certain things like killing other players and such and then when you level up you get to put your point(s) into one of the stats.

    ways of getting Xp could be
    • Killing another player
    • Damaging another player
    • Killing mobs
    • shooting the guns(Perhaps)
    • Other activities not decided yet

    Ideas for commands: /gunstats stats (player) - returns players stats
    /gunstats level stat - levels your stat
    /gunstats admin level stat (player) - editing skill level for admins

    Ideas for permissions: gunstats.admin

    This plugin (adding onto the strength stat) would have a config were I could determine the STR level required to use the gun.

    lmk if you have any questions :p

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