Different spawn location for each player?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Borch, Jan 27, 2011.

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    is there any way to set a different spawn location for every player?
    Easiest way would be to have an onPlayerSpawn() event where one could manipulate the event's Location object, but obviously that doesn't work.
    Any (preferably reliable) workaround so far?
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    Spawn is universal to everyone on the server, by design. Home is more individualized. IIRC, there was a plugin (don't recall which) that will send a user to their /home location rather than spawn, so your requested functionality may already be possible.
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    There is no way to set personal spawns.

    You need to detect when a player spawns and then, teleport them to their spawn.
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    Well thats exactly what I'm trying to do. But how?
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    I have no idea and I cannot test it right now but Dinnerbone added ENTITY_DEATH yesterday. I think someone said that's what you need for a plugin like this.
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    On Join - Teleport player to home
    On Death - Teleport player to home
    Make /Spawn - Teleport player to home

    Simple :p

    Well if i knew java it might be
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    Isn't onJoin only called after you logged in to the server? But onDeath seems to be a start.
    I checked the git repo and as far as I can tell, onDeath is only implemented in Bukkit but not CraftBukkit, so I can't test yet. But I fear that a teleport in the onDeath event would teleport the dead player somewhere and the player would still be taken to the "real" spawn point when he hits "respawn". - We'll see...
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