Different Permissions for Different Worlds

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheLoneCrafter, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Hi, I was wondering if I could let ranks is PermissionsEX have different permissions corresponding to the world they are currently in. Does anybody know if this is possible?

    ~ TheLoneCrafter
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    I don't really know about PermissionsEX,but I know group manager lets you have different permissions for different worlds.

    **Heres link if you want to try it,http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Group_Manager
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    TheLoneCrafter Yes, this is possible to do with Pex. Here's a link to their wiki that explains the formatting: pex-multiworld Basically you just do a subsection for each group that defines the permissions per world.
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    Thanks for the help!
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