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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ironhide227, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Hi guys. New to the bukkit forum so please work with me here. I was just wanting to know if anyone could make a plugin that converts diamond ore into diamond since growableores gives me diamond ore. Thanks.
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    Do you mean like if you put a diamond ore block into the crafting table it gives you a diamond? If so why not just place the said Diamond ore block on the ground and mine it? Shouldn't that give you the diamond?
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    Tstop - that probably wouldn't work if growableores is overriding the block break and dropping the ore every time.

    edit: Actually, placing and re-mining should work see this comment.

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    I could make a plugin that adds a crafting recipe where 1 diamond ore = 1 diamond.
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    PogoStick29@ Yes, and please could you make it like that with every ore in the game please? Thank You
    Zarius@ Yes but that would take forever. ex. I harvest plants by mining the bottom block, which gives me all the ores. Now i could put 50 diamond ore (lets say) down and potentially break the pick. But if i had a plugin, i could just put it in the crafting recipe and be done. 10min. to 1min.
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    A specific plugin might be better but until then you could write a recipe for changing diamondore to diamonds using RecipeManager (see the top of the page for link to a 1.4.7 version edit: moved to here).
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    Search for Recipe Manager on Google and find a plugin in which you can define your own recipe. Then you can add recipes as you want without worrying about coding another plugin for each one you want to add.
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    Why search on Google? I gave the link in my prev post :D
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    Woops! Didn't see that. So yeah, look for the link on Zarius's post.
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    Thank You.
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