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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jmcm71, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Hello i am currently i need of a development team, if you would like to join contact me on bukkitdev, or on here, currently we have only two developers, me , and Omega221, we dont need 15 people, 5-6 developers would be nice, but we only need like 4, we also need html, and css coders for a amazing website design, we will need testers, and graphics artists, for picture editing and logos, you may be asking yourself whats in it for me, well ill tell you, bukkit has a reward point system that for every 1000 downloads your get a point, it cost 200 points to get $10, but all donations will be split, or put up for a test server, what we will be doing in this dev team is making medium-advanced bukkit plugins, if a plugin is good enough it will get thousands of downloads really quick, so what are you waiting for, PM ME!!!! on here or bukkit dev, or just reply to this post!!

    Planned Plugins:
    CraftCoins - look it up on bukkit dev
    A Job plugin - with custom jobs and payments
    Spoutcraft Plugins - plugins involving custom textures
    A Prison Plugin
    A RPG plugin
    Many More.........

    Current Members:
    Jmcm71 - Manager, Author
    Omega221 - Author
    B3NGO - Author
    XKnucklesX - Web Design, Author
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    You should describe some of the planned projects to gain interest of developers.
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    Also, better grammar helps too ^.^
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    Hey man i would love to be apart of this team and i have a few ideas my self please add me on skype so we can talk more

    skype - benjonator2110
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    I know html, Java and learning CSS

    Skype is below on my signature
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    you're in xD!
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    Contact me on Sykpe: EnkyHD
    I have coded about 22 Plugins although most of those have been for my server.
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    I have "Mastered" all of web-required languages and I have been coding in Java for about a year now.
    One of my most recent projects: KerbalBase
    I have also recently started development on a new plugin: WorldEdit 2
    My previous plugins: InventorySwitch and SingleBench
    You can contact me in skype: Vilsol
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    < Skype , plugins I've made. I would like to join if u still need help
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