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    First of you can check out the plugin here: What I need for my plugin exactly are other active developers, a few active testers (considering this is a pvp free for all plugin i'll need more than a couple people to test the plugin at once). I would like someone that could make some kind of design on the bukkit page to make the plugin itself look a bit "prettier". A couple ticket response team (would love it if you were a tester also so you know the plugin/or a developer). Possibly someone that will re do the bukkit page itself, fix any grammar mistakes, or just flat out make it look better. And last not not least developers. I'll need some people to help me with updating the plugin, adding new and awesome features and just making the plugin worth downloading! In my opinion i think my plugin will start getting a lot more downloads after i finish all of the updates and add mysql support and killstreaks. So if you want to help add me on skype @ Brutality718, or just pm me.
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    I just downloaded this plugin and tested it out, not going to lie i thought it was pretty good, i just testing it out with 2 of my friends. But i would love to see the features you have planned in the future!
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    Moved to WIP and dev status.
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