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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Ziden, Aug 18, 2014.

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    Hi there. Im developing a MineDota with 2 friends, as a big project. We actually have me focusing heroes and skills, one focusing mob IA (using citizens api) other focusing on items, and we are tryng to develop a good dota plugin.

    Wish to know if anyone intrested in the development. We offer no money for the developing but a partnership on the server.
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    Ziden I would offer a little help, but I have never played Dota, so I know absolutely nothing about the mechanics or gameplay.
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    Mob IA? Did you mean mob AI?
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    ops yeah, IA is in portuguese hahaha im sorry, but yea mob AI ^^

    Just finishing the items system

    if anyone intrested add me on skype ziden66 , its a big project and we have many things done, your java skills and organized programming are more important then your knowledge of dota.
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    I'm js, if you're trying to make mob AIs, I wouldn't recommend Citizens. I would point you towards pathfinders and path goals. Then create your own.
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    You should use zombies and skeletons as the minions :)

    EDIT: (I haven't actually played Dota, only LoL)
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    I offer my help, my skype is enderboy68. I don't have much experience with Dota specifically, but I do have a TON of experience with another MOBA (LoL) so I could help out.
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    Having programmed a private version of LOL/DOTA, I can say the biggest difficulty I had was performance with custom mobs. Mobs that need to efficiently but powerfully path, ignore allies, whilst queuing attacks/skills/abilities to attack enemies can pose- err- *issues*. Would love to see your approach on the matter.

    Everything else like towers, effects, animations, champions should be relatively trivial though.
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