[Developer Wanted] Block Regeneration + Timer

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Micsma, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Plugin Category: World Editing and Management

    I'm looking for a block regeneration plugin which has a timer setting like seen in Creeper Heal and other such plugins only it regenerates player breaks as well as explosion damage for a whole world.
    My greatest fear is that this plugin maybe quite resource intensive.

    - a timer setting for the amount of time needed before a block can be regenerated in the position
    - an option for the debris to be disabled
    - a 'blacklist' option to ignore certain blocks from being regenerated
    - multiworld support (enabled/disabled in select worlds).

    - permission to ignore alterations to the environment from certain groups

    If anyone could make this or if there are any existing plugins I have not seen that would do these things listed that would be a great help for a project I'm working on.
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    Yes, this would need a pretty big load of extra datas and storage. Isn't logblock suitable enough for this?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    DeMaggo But the difference from logblock: The data can be removed when the area is regenerated
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    Sorry for the late reply
    @DeMaggo Logblock would use more resources than I need for what I want to do and I don't see all the features I want in the plugin.
    Thanks for the feedback though
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    Bump. Still looking for a suitable plugin/developer for this
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    How much power and Ram does your Server have?
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    @Greennose120 I haven't purchased one yet due to the fact I do not know how much CPU and RAM this plugin will consume but I do have a 3GB testing server (sorry I lack the details of the cpu but I could message the host) which I only use for building and setting up certain plugins. Sorry about the little information
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    The point is that the plugin might get really Memory intensive as you have to write every event(s.o. destroys or builds a block) down to RAM or hard disk. I might try this but dont expect it to be really "lag-friendly".
    Btw how many players do you want to have?
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    I was hoping to start off at around 30 slots and progress from there
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    Thank you for the suggestion
    While the regenblock plugin has the rough concept I am looking for in terms of block regeneration based on a timer and containing a blacklist it requires a command /rb edit to change the terrain of a select region. To use this command players require access to all of the plugins commands due to its insufficient permissions.
    Players could then delete other regions if they wanted which would definitely be a problem.
    Also I have noticed the plugin has not been updated in a while but thank you for the suggestion.

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