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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Bertware, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I needed the plugin list from bukkit for a plugin manager. However, downloading the list would take quite some time, and it probably wouldn't allow me to get all info I need.
    So I wrote this php, that query's the plugin list from bukkit, and returns the plugins, seperated by a $ sign.

    Example: http://automation.bertware.net/bukkit/plugins.php?title=&author=&tag=all
    currently supported: Title,Author,Tag,Page.
    If you want to use this, please host it yourself, or find someone to host it for you. Don't use the link above in your program!

    Note: cursefore is not supported yet, I'm working on it.


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    :D! Can we use it in any of pour applications?

    btw, The link is broken.

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    Link is fixed now :)
    You can use it in any application you want. By example my GUI's Plugin manager uses this.
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    Link Broken.
    Fix pls :(
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    Outdated and replaced way into the past, I don't have the script any longer.
    However, BukgetAPI has everything you need for this :)
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