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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Newest Spout as in.... newest dev build... newest RB... newest of Spout and Spoutcraft?

    Does it do the same with only Spout installed?

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    Project version/build:
    CraftBukkit build: 1060

    correct. because i have to update manually that would be helpful.

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    The plugin has the version number and so does the client. The launcher is the only one that doesn't show its version. Since they are all different versions, they all can't be the same.
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    Recommended build
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    I wasn't replying to you. :p Look at the quoted text.
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    lmao oops
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    The client tells me what version it is but on here it does not tell me what the newest client is only the newest spout plugin(1.0.2) see my problem? xD
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    1.0.2 is the latest major version of all. We do builds as updates to the major version.
    We can't have the RB in the title for all of the parts. :p

    However, we will have dynamic images eventually in the threads to show the latest RB of each.
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    I was just wondering if u knew if any of these would conflict with it so I could try to narrow it down.
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    I don't know off the top of my head. I would start with plugins that use Spout and go from there to the protection plugins such as the guard ones.
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    Well my problem is that i do not know when to update my client. i would like to stay using the original minecraft launcher so because of that i can't autoupdate(as you said). it would just be helpful if you would also have like a little [​IMG] Manually install the latest client recommended build-.467 or something xD

    also about the error i posted, any ideas? is that fixed in the dev client?
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    We'll have the RB next to the download link eventually as a dynamic image as well as the build next to the dev links the same way.

    Regarding your issue, you could try a dev build and see if it's fixed.
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    Ok i'll be waiting xD
    and was planning to when he gets back online.
    Thank you for your info.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Again, I expect it's probably been covered and I'm sorry to repeat the question if so.. but is there an option for re-displaying the co-ords? I have used SpoutCraft to join regular Bukkit servers and always been told to look at my co-ords then, unable to do that, had to beg for someone to give me my approx.. I never saw the hiding of co-ords mentioned in the OP btw, (correct me if I'm wrong) and it bothers me a little because its something you can't do with vanilla and something that detracts from the notion that you can go from a fully-modded server to a vanilla one without any impact... ><

    Marcos Cosmos
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    The version number of the plugin is inside the jar, stored in the plugin.yml. Having it in the plugin's filename would cause trouble.
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    I don't know, if anybody already asked this, but:

    What if I wanna use a mod in SSP, how would I install a Singleplayer-mod? If every compabilty to Modloader and singleplayer-mods which put files into the minecraft.jar is broken, how can I use mods in Singleplayer? If I'm on a multiplayer-server with 100 mods, how can I choose, which one of these I wanna use in SSP?

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    i am using the latest recommended client mod. and about every five minutes i get the "minecraft has run out of memory" error i have allocated 500 megabytes to java. and i still get it. [i have a 1 terabyte computer] did i install it wrong? is it a bug? i tried re-downloading and re-installing. with no luck. help? [this is for SMP BTW]
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    Ya happy now? :p
    Look at the main thread.
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    The option to re-enable the co-ords is in the spout server config, normal bukkit servers can't.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That's a problem (IMO).. as I said, because that means that using spout (for textures for example), impacts on playing non-modded servers... :(.
    Would it be possible to have a client-side ability to re-enable it that is over ridden by server preference? (even if it doesn't appear in the launcher options panel.. Something I can add to the config file >.<)
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    Hmmm... that sounds reasonable. Option on the client that is overridden by the server's one if it exists.
    You'll have to convince @Afforess though. ;)

    You'd have to wait for client plugins that use Spoutcraft API when it's available, unless Notch uses Bukkit as the official mod API. Which in that case, would mean that you would eventually be hosting a server for single-player and multi-player as that is Notch would like to do. If that makes sense...

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alrighty, I only ask because I've been inhibited in ways that made me look like a fool.. and probably made others reluctant to help me >.<. It's the impact on non-spout server play that bothers me.. What do you think @Afforess? :p
    I am? :D, it's been something that concerned me as well :confused:

    Thanks again,
    Marcos Cosmos

    I'm just wondering if @Elerador is aware that SpoutCraft is separate to, and doesn't modify the standard minecraft.jar used with the standard launcher?... I don't mean to stick my nose in but in case they aren't..

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    Spoutcraft doesn't use the minecraft.jar in .minecraft, it uses the minecraft.jar in .spoutcraft. If I put in any mod (e.g. Zombe's Mod Pack), the configs don't load, because they have to be in .minecraft\mods (not in .spoutcraft\mods).
    So the minecraft.jar isn't modified, but in another folder.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yes I know, but what I'm saying is you can still use zombe's mods if you use the Vanilla launcher instead of the SpoutCraft one.. (so far as ik)

    But also... @Afforess @Wulfspider @alta189 @Raphfrk @narrowtux @Top_Cat

    I know it's sort-of possible to create additional items by changing the damage values and renaming them based on those values... What I was wondering is if it is (or you could ever make) it possible to change the texture of items based on damage values?

    I realize that this re-texture could only be applicable to items that don't change damage value with use etc, (e.g. tools & armour). (although it may allow visible damage to these items :D)

    But it would also allow for additional wool-colors at the very least so I thought it might still be worth mentioning. :confused:

    Marcos Cosmos
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    I know that. But players cant just join the server, they must intall modloader, mp modloader, then mod. And it can get confusing so players wont even join..... Thats why I asked.
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    Once we have released the Spoutcraft API, developers will be free to port client mods over as client plugins.

    Yes, but it won't update automatically for you with each new RB. You'd have to do a clean install each time yourself.

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    Thats what i wanted to hear ;) This will be when? :)
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