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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SpoutDev, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    we use movecraft ..... it works as well with spout as it does without :) (well 2 days ago it did with the bugs present in spout at mo, we havent dared movecraft anything lol)
    note though movecraft aint perfect i recomand not allowing uso`s as they tend to copy a water shape of themselfs as they leave the water (as do surfacing submarines), seat craft passengers also fall through the craft when it moves
    i mention these only so you know thier not spout+movecraft bugs but movecraft alone ones, dont discuss the bugs here but over at thier page :)

    3) try itemcraft... just for a day or two, watch all plugins scream about incompatable or unknown entitys watch your server crawl into a hole and die, injoy your 100meg plus log file, watch as your world corrupts

    trust me as annoying as the spout issues at mo are.... itemcraft (which pretty much is modloader for bukkit) is 100xs worse i know this from personel and very bitter experience... the biggest down time of my server and the loss of half our player base was caused by that

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    can we block the f3 menu trough spoutcraft or atleast filter some stuff ?
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    The coordinates are removed be default, what else did you want to hide?
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    I'mma not 'bout itemcraft, imma 'bout ModLoaderMP for Bukkit (the official thread is at minecraftforum).
    It works... Quite ok, but it is still like "beta" at my server (always ready to delete)
    But still... Why no new vehicles/blocks plugins appear?
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    Sorry I didnt mean spoutcraft but rather the spout server plugin.
    Also blocking monsternames would be nice.

    And I don't know other advantages you can snuck out of it but I guess someoen can enlighten me ? :p
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    You can't change F3 from the server, if you want the coordinates not to appear force spoutcraft.
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    Spout's config.yaml has an option for it, that is AllowVisualCheats: false.
    Maybe I'm wrong :oops:

  9. Whats the problem with Itemcraft besides insufficient documentation and some minor bugs ?
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    True but it only affects clients with spoutcraft and that was my point
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    re-read my post
    past experience using only the rb of the time (and of the title) only compatable plugins listed for that version) crippled my server avoid it like the plague, i would assume many fellow server admins will back me up on that
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    Yes, right.
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    I've updated the client launcher to the latest dev build and I'm still not getting any sound in game, works fine if I just run Minecraft Launcher. Any idea what the cause of this is?
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    Just about everything is in this
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    when i update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 this plugin extrimly eats my memory :confused:
    3gb per 2 hours before ... 5gb at 10 min after ... i try all config variables and try all variables of cliets
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    im sick of this error. playername was not properly updated during login.

    what is this and why?

    craftbukkit 1060 and 1.0.2 of spout
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    The plugin seems to not kick people who don't have the spoutcraft.jar, also none of the GUI mods are working?
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    Hi Guys,

    I decided to create a Windows executable that would provide my players with a more reliable method of launching the Spout client with players worrying about things like their Java Version, Runtime Options, Scripts, or File Associations. You also have the ability to embed a Spout Icon and even configure a customized Splash Screen to be displayed while Spout initializes.

    I am using an Open Source app called Launch4J to convert the "Custom Launcher".. This seems to be the easiest and most reliable method of the different things I have tried.

    Show Spoiler

    Basic Settings


    Runtime Options


    Launch4j is available HERE.
    Documentation is available HERE.

    You can find the Spout.ico file attached to this message.

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    Can anyone make a plugin like MoreCreeps & Weirdos for Spout, or another plugin that adds new Mobs to the game. Thank you. I <3 Spout.
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    You guys never let me down! Great plugins and Spout!
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    Buy The Game !!!

    i didnt know such things where possible!
    ability to bundle jave with it as well ooooo must investigate!!!
    an exe will mean we can re add it to steam too !

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  23. Go away, u cheap bastard.
  24. When i downloaded Spoutcraft, it works fine, working good, but there no sound, i can't hear the buttons click, i can't hear myself punch trees, swim, nothing, anyway to fix this?
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    @RchGrav This is already planned to be implemented into our future builds of the launcher :)
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    Whats up with the cannot connect to errors? I haven't been able to get it to work at all.
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    Literally read the page you posted on
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    help here?
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    Versions Spout/CB? Error reporting template in OP
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    1.0.2, 1060, there is no error it just doesn't kick them or say anything.

    And for the GUI mods, I have no idea why they don't work they appear sometimes when I reload, but they're frozen.

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    Gonna need more than that client/server builds.... it does say this in the op

    Urg, double post
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