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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    i fucking shivered. wow. thanks! :D
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    Can this also improve server performance on a "normal" bukkit server with "normal" plugins that don't use spout?
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    @SpoutDev i think some thing needs to be added to the first post stating that things like zombe mod ect will not work with the new client and that they will need to be remade as a server plugin or a client plugin that used the new launchers functions.

    Using the term API seems to confuse a lot of people as they do not know what it is...
  6. so everyone gets an answer apart from me who geta a spam response in how to report issues, i wasnt repoting anything but mearly asking a question.

    now pull your fingers out!
  7. i put the Spoutcraft souces downoaded from Github in my Eclipse but some dependencies are missing.
    I guess patches are here for that but i can't get it to work. Am i doing something wrong ?
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    The extra protection it would add would mean that it would require someone to specifically write code to bypass it. That would prevent "casual" modding of the client.

    The server could specify an acceptable hash, and ask the client what its hash is.

    Teleporting should be smoother and also chunk caching when players log in are handled by another thread (though Bukkit handles does that now too).

    It also adds a new API for plugin devs, for example, inventory hooks.

    Also, the client mod (even without changes to the server) has various optimisations.

    Using the client or the server provides benefits, but obviously, many features require both.
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    Spoutcraft or Spout? Spoutcraft would use MCP to do everything, Spout is setup to use Maven as it's a complicated process to make the jar.

    You didn't give us any details to go on when you were asking for help. That's why replied how we did. We are not going to guess what versions you are running on your server nor the client.

    The only client update that happened recently had absolutely no changes.

    We are working on it. We can't do everything at once. :p

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    You said the client wasn't working for you. Any answer requires you to say what your setup is and what versions of everything you were using.

    There was an issue with the RB being deleted, so maybe it works now?

    That isn't going to help you get a fast resolution.
  11. Spoutcraft, i'll check for MCP thanks.
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    It is possible to install ItemCraft + Spout ? I have tested but it's crashed.. =(
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    That seems unlikely. Modding should not work with Spout (there are some edge cases). But if you can wait until 1.2, Spout will have similar features to ItemCraft anyway.
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    Really ?! Are you sure ?!
    Hell yeah ! I lovin' it !

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    Could it be possible that spout with the chunk things it makes,
    could change a map's seed or..well..fuck up everything?
    On our map, the biomes changed...and chunks are mistierously placed
    all over the map....
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    I just asked a mod dev on Minecraftforums if I could port their mod over when Spout allows for custom blocks and that jazz. I was very nice about it, and thanked him/her for the mod itself, and how much I loved it.​
    The reply I got was rather rude, and then I got told that an Itemcraft version was coming out, and that was all he/she would allow.​
    So I pointed out the negative things about Itemcraft, linked to this page, and then very rudely told him/her that I was going to make a plugin that does something similar. It could either be a direct port, with recognition for him/her, or I could write it all from scratch, add some features and called it my own.​
    So annoying... :/​
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    Along that line of thought, will Spout allow for more blocks than the slot limit? (can't remember what the number was...)
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    could you make a version of spoutcraft where we can chose how much ram we agree to allow to minecraft ?
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    Well if you asked him nicely, and thanked him usually it will work. Most of those devs are pricks who need a good smack, Itemcraft is the gayest thing I have ever seen and it needs ported to spout or something but since Spout is using it's own mod API Itemcraft is going to become obsolete and spout would be the New better faster and stronger version of Itemcraft and then he will message you and say you can do it and thats when you rub it in his face and walk away like a boss. But that would just be me.

    #baus#winning#Trollintothemax :D
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    Would a server interweaving plugin be possible?

    There would be a border on each one, and when you cross one you switch to the other server. But instead of having to wait a few seconds to reconnect to the other server, the chunks from the other server along the border are loaded into the first server (or maybe you would connect to both servers at once?), and while you are on those chunks you are trying to connect to the second server. Then once you are on the other server you disconnect from the first server. (Or if you are connected to both servers, it disconnects you as you walk away.)

    The only problems that I would see are people repeatedly walking across the border, and making the landscape consistent along the border.
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    Assuming they add support in the Client to change servers from the plugin, yeah. In fact I think there was an outdated server/client mod that did just that.
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    The spout client tells me really often that it is out of memory and this is really annoying :(
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    How do you start it?
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    Double tapping the jar
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    Start it through the command line or with a batch file assigning it more ram
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    Just to confirm here, the latest dev versions of the spout server JAR work with craftbukkit 1046, MutliVerse 2.0 and WorldGuard/WorldEdit?

    I really want to update to MV2 and CB1046, but I don't want to remove the spout jar from my server. The chunk loading optimizations that it provides are amazing.
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    could you tell a good config ?

    java -jar Spoutcraft.jar
    how much memory ? (got 4gig)
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    java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar Spoutcraft.jar
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    Hey Spoutdevs, I have a problem.
    I installed Spoutcraft on my macbook pro. When i open the game I have no sound. I open this game at clicking on spoutcraft.jar file. I read on forums that I need to change some memory stuff, but I have no idea how do to it on MacOSX.
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    i recently downloaded spout server plugin and mywolf. i use the spoutcraft launcher, but everytime i try to login to the server, it just say: connection lost-> end of stream.

    Btw, i got no idea what the server plugin RB or the server plugin dev build does either
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    java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar Spoutcraft.jar
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