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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Yes, what use to be bukkitcontrib to mod your jar, is now a separate launcher with it's only packages.
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    Eventually we will have the client mod system. For more check the milestones on github
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    Now just so you know, the redirect message only occurs when you have an unpatched client, otherwise you get the first screenshot about the timeout. Also the redirect message happens when traveling from my server to Enkious' and vice versa if you connect to one of us manually, but only if you are unpatched. If you are patched you can go from mine to his fine, but not back without getting timeout.
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    Using the latest dev builds, loosing MobDisguise though :(
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    Really think about what you post?

    Read this follow thread, these plugins use the spout plugin.

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    The packet listeners changed IIRC
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    Packet Listeners is the one and only place where we've broken the API. The old version was just a kludge that worked, but we've got a better version now available in the dev builds. Sorry about the painful transition.
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    Totally forgot to ask, are there any Server to Server Teleport plugins that you guys use that might work better?
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    @Raphfrk 's ServerPort mod is official supported in Spoutcraft already.
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    My Spoutcraft client won't let me hear any sounds, I'd like to use it but that way minecraft makes no fun. Could you also change the jar to an app for mac users.
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    Name of project (Spoutcraft):
    Nature of bug (crash):
    Steps to reproduce:

    I downloaded the Client and ran it from my desktop and connected to my server (with out sprout) 10 seconds in i crash with an error message.

    internal exception connection reset.

    system spec's Win 7 64bit, latest java., 4gb ram. no issues at all with the normal minecraft client.

    not sure if this is relevant or not but i have mods installed on my normal minecraft client.
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    This is a known issue with macs, we are working on it. as to the app. None of the devs have a mac...

    Been fixed in a dev version, we will be releasing a patch soon

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    Can you yet me know?
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    The version will change
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    All cool I mainly want to use it for now because of the server list but i have hopes of installing sprout on my server as well mainly for mcmmo and maybe some kind of chat plugin unsure as of now still got a huge permissions mess to sort out...
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    Temporarily fixed the sound by using the mod and the normal launcher
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    how do I get texture packs to work?
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    i have spout running but mcmmo pop ups for levels dont work for me
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    hey something some people might like in the future is instead of it being on command line have a gui that shows the code and shows how the server is performing.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    This all looks incredibly promising, but is there any chance that SpoutCraft will turn into an installable mod rather than a launcher? I already have SSP mods installed into minecraft.jar, and SpoutCraft is ignoring them. Would be nice to be able to install SpoutCraft in the same way as SSP mods, and activates as necessary when connected to a Spout-enabled server.
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    @Jonathan Thorpe use spout for servers then and normal mc for ssp....
    btw you do know spoutcraft and minecraft have 2 different folders right?
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    Nm, question answered in latest post.

    Ok, tried to have a look, but am not whitelisted for the clanwarz server.

    I wonder if it is related to that. Is your server the clanwarz server?

    Also, can you try with a standard client patched with the Transporter client patch. It is possible it isn't implemented correctly in Spout.

    Server Port should be functional, but I am not adding new features.

    Transporter is supposed to use the exact same kick message as Server Port. From your screenshot, I think it should work. It may be something small with the config settings.

    double post

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    uh, is there a way to use the patcher for my texturepack with this?...
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Would explain it, but I just thought it would be more obvious to have SpoutCraft as a regular SSP mod, and Spout as the Bukkit mod, no need for new launcher then.
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    Hey there,

    Saw you got on the server, we did actually figure out that it was the NAT loopback you guys had mentioned previously, damn Qwest router wasn't making it easy to find. I really appreciate all the help and feedback I got from you guys, we are now operational. :)
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    B...b....b ...but then I'd lose all my mods :'(
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