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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    thanks that was dumb on my part. The previous owner of the server had it in there and I didn't know otherwise.

    also one last question, you want me to use spoutplugin in the plugin folder? or in the main server folder.

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    SpoutPlugin.jar is a plug-in, hence it goes inside your plugins folder.

    If you don't know much about Spout, please, read the first post and follow the links in there.
    You're gonna like it ;)
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    With my team, we have some ugly problems.

    1st the launcher don't remind the configuration and ask always to do an update.
    2nd when I set the RAM to 2gb, the launcher do crash.
    3rd the chat have a bug (only the last line appears).

    Thanks for your help.
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    There are new dev builds often, so unless you select a manual build, then there will be updates often.

    Are you trying to run using 32-bit Java? Because you can't go over 1GB or so max with 32-bit. You'd need 64-bit Java for that.

    Use an older build as the newer builds have a new chat system that is a work in progress.
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    Nothing new...

    the launcher don't remind the configuration and ask always to do an update.
    And when I refuse and I try to connect to the server :
    Connexion become impossible

    And when I accept, the version become outdated >.<(server with the latest bukkit version)

    In game the GUI scale and graphicals options reback to the default...
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    It does, but it likely reverted due to removing a couple unstable builds from the list of build options. The reason it shows outdated, is because it likely defaulted to the latest 1.1 recommended build, so you'd just need to select the latest dev build instead.
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    I have a recent problem.

    The spoutcraft launcher take a lot of time to open (appear like 1/2mn)

    I reinstall the last java 64bits and i purge my folder .spoutcraft entirely

    The problem still present, do you have some idea or tips?

    Thx for your help
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    No way, we are 15 in my team to have my problem (always updates....)
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    We usually have 10 or so builds a day. What build are you currently on and what build does your launcher say it is? The latest launcher build is 266 and the latest client build is 1228.
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    So why can I only log into my server if I am using SpoutCraft? If I don't use it, I get an old version of my map. When I use it, it's fine. But others can't get on without SpoutCraft either... Any ideas?
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    Bit odd, SpoutPlugin 737's starting to cause lag lately for some reason, which didn't happen before. Joining from anywhere else besides the server while Spoutplugin's installed would cause a couple seconds of delay on everything for the player, joining from the server has zero delay. Once spoutplugin's removed, everything works as should be. Ran without any plugins and just spoutplugin, same lag occurs.
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    Wulfspider on the current dev version of the spoutcraft client i believe its 1245 as of March,20th,2012, the mini-map is causing a major fps loss. Without it i sit at roughly 182 fps, when it is on i sit at around 44. I remember Mcmmo had this issue with its overlay and managed to resolve it. Let me know if there's anyway i can assist in testing besides just posting if possible.
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    I have no idea. I've never heard of that before and I don't see how that could happen.

    Please test the latest Spoutcraft build 1247 or higher as a fix was applied for this. ;)

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    What CraftBukkit build were you running with it? Did you update it recently?
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    didn't touch it, still 1938 1.1-R4, haven't entirely a clue what's going on, may look into it when I have time, if not guess will just haveta hope it'll work properly on 1.2.3
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    on CraftBukkit Build #2105 i get this error, for 1.2.4, thought I'd share it to help bring Spout to 1.2.4

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    We're likely not updating the plugin until the client is usable for 1.2.4.

    That's actually an error from a previous CraftBukkit 1.2.3 build as well though, so will likely need to be fixed anyway. :)
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    I've bukkit 1.2.3-R1,
    what is the spout's version ?
    I use 938 but a lot of plugin using spout not work
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    Do you mean 1.2.3-R0.1? or 1.2.4-R0.1? You should be using the 1.2.3 beta build, as that is know to work.
    Make sure you disable the ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck under the plugins/Spout/config.yml as well, as that is likely the reason you are having issues as SpoutPlugin disables itself if it doesn't find the version it was built with.
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    I have not 'ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck' on my spout config.
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    First of all, make a backup of your map.
    Using Notepad++ please, add a line with ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck: false into your config.yml.

    On the other hand, I think you'd better delete your config.yml, restart the server, SpoutPlugin will create another one, stop the server and change ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck: true to ForceCraftBukkitBuildCheck: false

    There's no AutoUpdate:true in my config.
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    It's good to know that Saruman is working hard on this. He gets shit done.
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    woot thank you!
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    Mr Washington

    Is there any way I can get a custom launcher for spoutcraft made? (Client Side)
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    Hello, can you please make SpoutCraft for no-premium ? Very need! Thanks.
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    The easiest way to get a premium account:
    Click here ;)
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    Wulfspider as of the most recent dev (March 28th,2012 4:16 am Central) Some fps loss is still occurring i'm hovering at 58ish on the recent build. This really isn't a issue till i try the new shader mod. Which let me go ahead and say is totally awesome. I ran around with everything at max and was getting roughly 15-18 fps and here's a video if you want to see some of the random errors that happened. The obvious ones are sometimes items get a random square around it, most likely a graphical glitch. Also i see through alot of things i shouldn't.
    Link to video test:
    Side Note: I love the shader so much i ran around my world for a good hour to see how things looked, keep up the good work guys.

    Update March,28th,2012 Client 1302, Wulfspider 5 fps with shader on regardless of texture pack, also where is the github to report errors so i don't spam this thread.
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    No, we do not support piracy.

    A completely different launcher or customized version of Spoutcraft Launcher? Customization for the news feed, background, logo, etc will be coming in upcoming builds. If you are thinking of anything else, then no.

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    Wow guys, thoroughly impressed. Being someone that's never used Spout and now having it on my Server well..I don't see a way back now. Is it possible to make GUI's for any plugin? (provided the developer has left them open source obv)

    Great work on this guys!
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    Sure, you could make a GUI for any plugin to replace the regular command usage, but still allow vanilla Minecraft players to use commands being as they wouldn't be able to use the GUI features.
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