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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
  2. How can I install the DEV mode without client?
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    I'm using the latest Spout-DEV Version. The 633
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    Alright, thanks a lot!
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    Alright, this has probably been answered a hell lot of times, but there's simply to many comments to read :p

    Will the next spout version support 256/512 high worlds in the new 1.0.0 build? Since singleplayer already supports it I hope it does. Cause it's currently the only reasen we're still playing on a temporary world.
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    I have also been patiently waiting on news of adjusting the map height in SMP. Currently I have my map set up with borders 500 blocks in each direction from spawn. I'm hoping that when something official does get released, it will be compatible with an existing map.
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    I have Vanish and an Anti-Xray plugin that both use Spout and neither of them work right now because of it. I'll try it again and I'll try to get the message it says.
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    You'll likely need to downgrade to a build before we did the refactoring in order to use them.
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    Any suggestions on what build? I tried the #1479 build, but I know for a fact all of my plugins like Vanish worked with Spout on Builds after #1479.
  10. Right now im playing with the vanilla heightmod but it bothers me i cant set spawn or use any plugins,
    have the work on the plugin started or is it planned for later ?
    when is later, 3 days a week or longer ?
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    I need some assistance.
    I am implementing a process for my users to allow them to change their displayed names.
    I am using the onSpoutCraftEnable() method as the time where their names would change.
    I am also using the following code to force a name change throughout the server:

        public void setPlayerName(EntityPlayer player, String newname)
                WorldServer world = (WorldServer);
                EntityTracker tracker = world.tracker;
       = newname; // where the new name is assigned
            catch (Exception e)
                if (debug)
    The problem is while using both the RB version of Spout and the latest bleeding edge release, I am seeing different Null Pointer exceptions.
    Here is an example (this happens at every single instance a player moves, on latest build of the Spout plugin):
    So my question is how might I force an update throughout the server to allow SpoutAPI to recognize the new name change?
    Looking at the source code, it seems the Spout team is using player.getName() to return the name of the player, which would return their original name, not the changed display name (or 'title' as defined by the SpoutAPI)

    Please let me know of an easy way to fix this.
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    You do realise that is actually used to identify the player and the account - so by changing that it's not pointing at the same player any more? In other words - that's a bad thing you're doing that will break more than just your own plugin...

    You should be using player.setDisplayName(name), not sure about any of the rest of it, but not touching variables inside a shared class is a good start...
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    So far, the only reason I set "" is so that a player's custom name appears in the log as well as ingame.
    So instead of player with display name "Bob" running the command "/god", the server log will display the player's original name "bobrulen112".
    If there isn't another safer way to change their name all throughout the server, then I guess I'll have to stick with player.setDisplayName()...
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    @Afforess has said that he'll likely be making a standalone plugin to do it, rather than including it in Spout. The support for it is there already in the client I believe.
  15. Yes i know but i was asking for a estimated timeframe any testing or is in the planned state ?
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    Who knows, could be days, weeks, years.

    First thing on their mind is getting Spout to 100% work with 1.0.0; and fixing the bugs, etc.
  17. UR RIGHT
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    But, what might these spout addons be like? Are they basically mods?
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    Example: MiniMap.
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    if you guys can help that would be great im having this problem when i add spout to my plugin folder and start the server up i cant join in it just loads and after 1 min or 2 it gives me a error
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    Actually telling us the error would be useful. Same as with the build numbers you are using for CraftBukkit and Spout. You're likely outdated though and need to update both CraftBukkit and Spout to the latest dev builds.

    Yes, basically client mods developed using our client-side API, SpoutcraftAPI.

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    Can someone please help??
    I absolutely cannot find how to install TMI (toomanyitems) with Spoutcraft. Help appreciated.
    If you know how I'd prefer you PM'd me, but posting here works to :)
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    Manually modding Spoutcraft with other client mods is unsupported and will not work most of the time due to conflicting class files. Our launcher also does md5 checks on all the jars, so manually modding when using that isn't really an option.
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    So I'm guessing this means you can't lol...
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    Basically. Why not use a plugin such as TooManyBukkits on the server or creative mode?

    I'm sure you'll see similar features in upcoming addons for Spoutcraft.
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    1. where the heck do i download the spout plugin (for minecraft 1.0.0)
    2. if it even exists, what version of craftbukkit supports the spout plugin (if it even exists)
    3. reply asap otherwise i will kill somebody next week
    4. i was kidding about #3
    6. you didn't notice i skipped #5 and you looked back to check
    7. but seriously, reply asap
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    Download links are on and always have been on our BukkitDev pages. for the latest dev build of Spout for CraftBukkit 1.0.0. Make sure you are running the latest dev build of CraftBukkit as well.
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    1. hey i am testing spout on my server. i enabled "ForceSinglePlayerClient: true" but when i test it out by going on my server on my non spout client, it still lets me join the server . does anyone know why?

    2. also does forcing players to use spout client mean that automatically no one can use things such as xray or do i need to get a spout addon ?

    3. also i dont have a permissions plugin yet. could someone recommend me one? i plan on just hosting a simple server with lwc, log block , borderguard, so if someone could recommend me a permission plugin , that would be great. just looking for a simple one, nothing feature rich .

    thanks!!!!! ( i took a couple months break from server hosting, i stopped around the time when spout was just introduced so i need some help catching up again!!)
  29. @shauwk

    1 - Yes it does let you join but did it let you play ? It should kick you in a few seconds if it doesn't get any info that spoutcraft is running on the client.

    2 - Well, they *could* hack their way in with some xray hacks mixed with spoutcraft anyway, and now that spoutcraft supports addons, well, all the more possibilities... most effective way is to use the server plugin that makes ores into stone if not visible, it doesn't actually change the blocks IMO, it just alters the info sent to clients so it shouldn't break the map.

    3 - Permissions plugins nowdays are just managers because bukkit has a internal permissions system, you don't need a permissions plugin at all tough, you can just manually edit permissions.yml from your server and that's that.


    On another note, I just noticed spoutcraft's smooth shadows need much more power than the classic minecraft ones, I get half FPS if I turn smooth shadows on spoutcraft and the same fps with smooth shadows off on both... are you guys altering in any way shadow rendering or it's just affected by something else ? It basically runs slower from the start.
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    Vanilla players can still join, but are kicked within the number of "AuthenticateTicks" that you have set.

    Forcing the Spoutcraft client is a good means of basic protection, but it's something that can easily be spoofed by some hack clients. If a user is using our launcher, it does md5 checks on the all the jars to prevent corruption and tampering, but that too can be disabled by anyone with some know-how. If you were to use a plugin such as TexturePackMenu to force a texture pack on a player, checks are also done on those I believe and that could prevent some x-ray pack users.
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    oh okay thank u !!! also does this also prevent people from using fly mod?
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