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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    How come when I go on the Spout Forums I get "Account Suspended"? :(
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    Hosting issues. We'll be moving to a dedicated server soon. :)
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    Ah ok, Thanks for the info :)
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    MCP can be used to create CB/Spout plugins? Their wiki says it's only for vanilla development, last I checked.
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    WE, SpoutDev, have to wait for MCP to update so we can update Spoutcraft. Other users should not be using it unless they are contributing to Spoutcraft.
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    Ah, gotcha.
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    please give an option, to disable the backup function
    I just wonderes why on my 64 gb ssd were no more space available, but i installed no applications/games since the last space check. So but I found many files in the backup folder with a total memory usage from 7,2 gb ._.
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    It's one of the things to do. Same with setting how many backups to keep.
  10. But bukkit is working on the older versions :(
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    Oh, haha. I wasn't sure what you were talking about at first. Yes, the versions before were "Beta", now it's a final release so they started over again with the numbering.

    We'll be updating Spout after a reasonable stable built of CraftBukkit is out and we'll be updating Spoutcraft once MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) for 1.0.0 is available.

    Yes, and eventually you'll likely see all of the features of AdventureCraft available as either Spout server plugins or Spoutcraft client addons.

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    Is there a way to import The MiniMap Mod into spout? Or am i way off, Ha I always thought spout worked like All the client mods are all Packaged into the one download. Then activated if the server has that selected Plugin...
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    Not currently. Client mods will be possible as Spoutcraft client addons once the Spoutcraft client addon API is usable. There will be a few popular mods ported and you'll see a few minimaps and such most likely. The server will be able to tell the client to use and install (if needed) addons required to play on each server too.

    We're basically trying to move away from users having to manually mod the client with a bunch of class files and the constant forgetting to delete the META-INF and such.
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    Ah, i see so like Have it where when you could join a server it automatically downloads the content used, Then the player could switch to different server and do the same, Without any Problems. That would be Amazing And as far as mods go things like "AdventureCraft" Would seem impossible to use Or would it?
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    Any ETA for spout for 1.0.0, or do you want to have a stable build first?
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    Quick question, when I use the spoutcraft launcher, it downloaded a jar file and merged all of the spoutcraft files with it. The game wouldn't open at all. I put in a fresh minecraft.jar file and it works perfectly fine, but it doesn't have spoutcraft installed it seems, due to the fresh jar file. I was wondering if this is a problem with the latest launcher/updater, but I am unable to use spoutcraft because of this. Also, the launcher has some graphical errors, such as duplicating the right side of the screen on the left, unless you minimize it, then it fixes itself. Minor problem, but kind of annoying when you are trying to figure out what it is doing XD. Anyways, I can't use spoutcraft because the launcher updates minecraft with the jar and then it doesn't work. Is it trying to use the minecraft 1.0 jar file to run on a 1.8.1 spoutcraft? I am not quite sure what is going on...
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    It's trying to use the 1.0.0 jar. The prevention apparently isn't working in the launcher. You'll need to restore from a backup from .spoutcraft/backups if you have any or install manually to a clean 1.8.1 mineraft.jar using the class files from
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    How exactly do I install it manually? I tried recopying the new class files into .spoutcraft\temp\spoutcraft and rerunning the launcher with a 1.8.1 jar file in the bin, and it still doesnt have spoutcraft installed when I start using the spoutcraft launcher.
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    Your best bet is to install to the .minecraft folder right now and using that launcher as the other way is more complicated.
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    Im looking at the spoutcraft log and it has a ton of severe errors, idk if that has anything to do with it. I'm willing to try the more complex way if you don't mind, I can figure things out given enough time and maybe with this a slight hint :p
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    If you tried installing via the launcher with 1.0.0, then I'm not surprised.

    First, it's Spout, not Sprout.

    Second, the client is called Spoutcraft and it has not been updated for Minecraft 1.0.0 yet. If you are actually playing using it, you are on 1.8.1.

    Third, Spout (server plugin) has not been updated for CraftBukkit 1.0.0 either.

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    I just tried adding the files to the jar file and run it and it just white screens. Do I need to delete META inf?
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    Uhhh, you can already do that and other plugins control the actual application of the capes and such.

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    Nvm, fixed. Thanks for the help Wulfspider. Got it to work :D
    Btw, I like the new GUI for the options menu, looks great! :D
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    No problem, sorry for the hassle. :)
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    I used the sproutclient to start minecraft and it asked me to udpate and well it downloaded a lot so i guess sprout already works with 1.0.0. I however noticed the following:

    Using Sprout:
    I place a halfslab, place a block above it and (as it used to be) i need to remove all blocks above the halfslab to place another one on top of the halfslab i put down first.

    Using the 1.0 minecraft launcher:
    I can now place a halfslab on top of another even when theres a block on top of it.

    Not sure whatelse got changed but maybe this observation will help you in faster understanding of changed codevariables. Looking forward to the next version!

    P.S.: I love the double viewrange option. Now all i am waiting for is a mod to change the height of my servermap :D
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    When is the Spout server plugin coming? It keeps staying on ''Downloading terrein'' ..
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    Maybe an idea to put only someones Cape and you don't have to add the skin or anything else? ;D
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