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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Future Spoutcraft suggestion: When/If you rearrange buttons on the Server list screen again... please Please PLEASE, do not put the Delete button right where the Join Server button was.

    I got used to it being there and like any repetitive game motion it become instinctive to click the server then click join button. Now I've been instinctively deleting any server I want to join.

    If the future if you're going to swap buttons around please put ANY OTHER button in the position of the join server button rather than delete.
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    It was moved to match the Join Server button on the public server list page. You can always double click on a server to join it as well. As development progresses, changes have to be made.
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    I understand the need for changes, and know about double clicking, it simply had become second nature to me to click the server then that button. I'm simply saying if you need to move the join server button again later, replace it with edit, or favorites or something, then put delete where the other button was, simply as a courtesy to help us end users avoid similar situations later down the road.
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    Are you planning to replace the ItemCraft?
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    We'll probably be swapping the delete with the edit and adding a delete confirmation to the delete.
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  7. Yes, in my head they are already getting closer.
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    One question, I reinstalled java, and now I work the Spout: S, when I put the command "/spout version" I get this:


    No version I get, I get "Standard client" and do not appreciate the improvements in plugins is as if they were installed.

    Another thing, in Spoutcraft home screen, I have given to "Options-Clear Cache", I have downloaded again the files minecraft.jar among others, to see if that fixes. But I get stuck on this screen:


    Do you happened to you? took more than 30 minutes on the same screen and nothing happens.
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    I get stuck at the "downloading terrain" screen. Is there a fix for this?
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    Check your .spoutcraft logs for errors.
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    Maybe not related but I hate that:
    "Jenkins is going to shut down"
    It says that and stays like that for hours :'(
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    It says that when I put it in a lockdown to prevent changes.
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    Nothing... just the normal output. No Errors, no Exceptions....
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    I would like to see HD Font support as implemented by MCpatcher v2.2 and up. The dev for MCpatcher, Kahr, has included the option to include a character spacing properties file, which fixes the spacing issue when creating custom fonts. As this has mostly not been implemented due to the nature of Minecraft's default font width, I would urge you to add this compatibility. Please check out my thread here on the Minecraft forums for more information. Thanks!
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    How long are you on the screen for? Because I believe @Afforess did change that so that the "Downloading terrain" screen is when you download all the required image files and resources the server plugins request on join.

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    When I go to it says "account suspended" what does that mean?
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    I'm suspended too. That's the second account today!

    Perhaps I should start on a world record :p

    EDIT: Oh wait, maybe it's the Spout account that's suspended. @Afforess , you crazy wizard, what have you done?
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    The host where the site is on is overloaded due to us, so they suspended it. We're working on getting things online again.
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    wow... just wow.....
    How many users does Spout have anyways?

    You have a long way to go - I got 106 accounts and 32 ips banned in 1 day.
    Don't ask.

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    Getting close to 300k installs, which doesn't count manual installs. I'm sure we have a good bunch of those as well.

    6,174,760 logins since launch of BukkitContrib.
    261,313 installs of Spout and Spoutcraft since BukkitContrib.
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    Very impressive.

    Now I get a 403 error (incase you didn't know that means forbidden)

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    It's currently only viewable by Top_Cat while he makes some changes.
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    I'm sorry, what?
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    I got 106 accounts and 32 ips banned. Me and several friends used some software which the game company didn't appreciate, so we went through several accounts on each ip, before getting ip banned and moving to the next. It was fun until the game company caught us. LOL
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    That's.... That's....

    Thumbs up man, Thumbs up.
  26. [​IMG]

    A bit embarassing.
    Spout 529
    Bukkit 1392
    SC 769
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    Marcos Cosmos

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    what's with jenkins?
    [​IMG] #784
    (in Bearbeitung - Upstream project [​IMG]SpoutcraftAPI is already building. )

    since 2 days....spout, spoutcraft, spoutapi...
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    It's on standby like I said, until I take it out of standby. Patience please.
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    how do i change it to offline mode?

    SpoutCraft that is.
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    Login once with remember me, and then not be online I believe. If you are hoping for a "cracked" mode, there is none.
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