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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Can I have the source of the Mail class for instance? And how can you quote posts that aren't there, weird? :D
  3. Here's the method that the button is in:
    public void create(SpoutPlayer spoutPlayer) {
            PopupScreen popUp = spoutPlayer.getMainScreen().getActivePopup();
            Label label = new GenericLabel("Create");
            GenericButton sendMail = new SendMailButton();
            GenericTextField messageBox = new GenericTextField();
            GenericTextField toBox = new GenericTextField();
            UUID toBoxId = toBox.getId();
            UUID messageBoxId = messageBox.getId();
            toField.put(spoutPlayer.getName(), toBoxId);
            messageField.put(spoutPlayer.getName(), messageBoxId);
            sendMail.setColor(new Color(1.0F, 1.0F, 0, 1.0F));
            sendMail.setHoverColor(new Color(1.0F, 0, 0, 1.0F));
            popUp.attachWidget(SpoutMail.plugin, toBox);
            popUp.attachWidget(SpoutMail.plugin, messageBox);
            popUp.attachWidget(SpoutMail.plugin, sendMail);
            popUp.attachWidget(SpoutMail.plugin, label);
    The only other method is unused for the moment.
    EDIT: This probably isn't important but the only field variables are:
    public Map<String, UUID> messageField = new HashMap<String, UUID>();
        public Map<String, UUID> toField = new HashMap<String, UUID>();
    Forgot to include them :p
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    So when you create a new instance of Mail for each Button, how should the UUIDs be stored?
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    I posted some screen shots of my issue on page 217, don't want to requote it, as it contains lots of pictars
  6. You've confused me lol the UUID's are saved when each field is created to the relevant hashmap. The instance of Mail in the button class is just to access the hashmaps without making them static. Changing them to static and removing that instance makes no difference I still get an NPE.
    EDIT: That method I posted was from the Mail class just to clarify that :p
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    Where do you put values into the hashmaps?
  8. It doesn't matter I've found the problem and it was a rather simple problem :) I was trying to get the widget from the main screen BUT they were attached to a popup screen. So I changed:
            GenericTextField textField = (GenericTextField) spoutPlayer.getMainScreen().getWidget(messageBoxId);
            GenericTextField toPlayer = (GenericTextField) spoutPlayer.getMainScreen().getWidget(toBoxId);
            GenericTextField textField = (GenericTextField) spoutPlayer.getMainScreen().getActivePopup().getWidget(messageBoxId);
            GenericTextField toPlayer = (GenericTextField) spoutPlayer.getMainScreen().getActivePopup().getWidget(toBoxId);
    It was a stupid mistake in my opinion I can't believe I didn't spot it sooner lol Thanks for your help anyway :)
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    Any update on this issue as to why the 8gb and 16gb options of the new launcher sets the memory setting always to 512mb?
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    How do we use the new command shortcuts?
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    we need admin on the spout testing server asap! there is a guy with flint and steel named goraxer burning down every thing he burned down like all the forest bye spawn! help!!

    help! help! most of spawn is burned down!
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    When spout does eventually get custom blocks available, will they use their own ids (like modloader mods) or somehow "share" an id with their parent block (stone/glass)?
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    Not terribly worried. It's a test server.
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    Having a slight problem: when using SMP's Revival Texture pack (a latest custom build if it matters) it lags horribly, except when the f3 debug screen is up because then it's all nice and smooth. Any idea what's causing this?

    I tried going back to my default texture pack and it was much smoother in general. Note that SMP's Revival is also 16x16.

    Something else to note would be that with the Optifine mod, Minecraft runs beautifully in a wide variety of texture packs, including the one that's giving me problems with Spoutcraft.
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    Where would this test server be? I have issues downloading the public server list.
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    Why is everything Spout does Transparent? Like my mcMMO bar is transparent after the spout update, so is my SPOUTWallet.
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    The glitch with ScreenCloseEvent.setCancelled(true) not working hasn't been fixed with the update :(
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    They basically share an ID with flint in the inventory, and share a location with stone/glass in the world. They do have their own 'ID' but it is not a Notch ID. This allows vanilla clients to connect and browse if the admin wishes still.

    This was a bug in the client, it has been since fixed but we haven't put out a bug fix RB yet since that one. Sorry about that, it slipped us before RB. If you try out a dev build it should be fixed.

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    I had a look at your Jenkins and found an addon test. Does it do anything yet? :p
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    It dont let you delete it...
    The Plugin
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    That's interesting - can I get a link to that texture pack?

    It's a bug. We'll have a bug fix update sometime this weekend.

    Yep, I'm aware. It will also be fixed this weekend.

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  22. Its possible that Spout can Change the Map Heigh to 256 insted of 128?
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    The texture pack is definitely fine, I have used it. However, I think there must be some weird bug because this isn't first person to say the f3 screen improves performance, as weird as that sounds. I believe @narrowtux is looking into it right now (said from IRC).

    Not yet, probably maybe sometime after 1.9.

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  24. That would be awesome !
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    where is spoutcraft build?
    i cant found it.
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    When will we be able to have mod support? I mean being able to add new blocks and mobs, items...etc
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    Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue...

    Using latest versions of Bukkit and Pail. Before using Spout, all plugins were working correctly (WorldEdit, scrollingsigntext, EnderTP, Essentials, etc), After installing Spout, they are showing as loaded in Pail, however none of the commands or features are working, and the game is showing they are not active. Tried it on both Spoutcraft, and Minecraft.exe.
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    You probably have another plugin automatically downloading it, such as LogBlock.

    Not much. We have plans on making a few better, functional example plugins and addons in the near future though.

    The custom blocks and items API is usable, but not complete or a released feature yet. There are already plugins that make use of it.

    The build number? It tells you on the about page or in-game using /spout version.
    The downloads are posted on the dev.bukkit page listed in the first post here. What issues are you having with seeing the list? We are using our own list now and it only has 2 servers on it currently.

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    On a side note, when using a version of spout craft I built myself, so I can work on fixing some bugs reported on GitHub, there are some suspicious buttons in the main screen, and the paused screen. Are these supposed to be there (an easter egg), are they a glitch (unlikely, but still possible), or.... what?
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    I'm not sure what buttons you are talking about as "suspicious" isn't very descriptive in this case.
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    About the Spout server.
    I wanted to switch my server over to using spout, but how exactly do I run the Spout.jar? Am I missing some important part of this?
    Thank you!
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