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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Awesome work! I hope to see more awesome projects from you!
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    I dont get it.
    There are like ALOT of Spout plugins. Why do they use Spout? I dont get it.
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    because spout gives them a platform to stabley do what certain other plugins *cough*itemcraft*cough* can only dream of.
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    What is it good for? Just a fanzy thing that uses more RAM?
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    the biomesounds plugin adds a a lot of atmosphere and is impossible with out spout

    playereditor allows us to have capes, its not game changing but we like it

    it stops cient cheat mods being used if you enforce spout client (a big and important thing)

    it has many optermising plugins built into the client that although i dont know what they do, seem to make for a smoother experience

    little plugin additions like mcmmos xp bar only possible with spout totaly awsome

    the spout back pack, press one button and see an backpack with xtra inventory space, no exploring miner should be with our one!

    enforcing a texture pack (we would never do it, but i see the need for it) to ensure that your rpg world is seen by all how you ment it to be

    the list goes on

    and in the future the ability to use single player mods like mo creatures etc but in a stable way unlike itemcraft and compatable with all (or 99%) of standard plugins

    and all that is just from my experience with it as a small server admin (the server is small not fairly tall but im not sure of the relivence of that)
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    Basically, spout/spoutcraft allow plugins to dig much much deeper into the inherent features of the minecraft code, and use modify, change, and tailor these mechanisms and features to do previously unseen things. On top of that, it makes the process somewhat unified, as opposed to everyone just fumbling around in the minecraft code, trying to come up with the same thing that's been done 10 times before.

    This isn't an official explanation, it's what I have gathered from anecdotal evidence (using it).

    To give you a quick example, if you play with mcmmo, you can level up. Without spout, the notification is a coloured line of text where the chat usually occurs. If you've ever gotten an achievement in minecraft, you've seen the pretty little notification drop down from the top right of the screen saying "achievement blah blah blah" If you're using spout on your server, and the spoutcraft client, mcmmo can use that nice notification to inform you of your progress, and even put a great experience bar on your screen.

    To answer your question simply, no it's not just a fancy thing to waste more RAM. It's a great thing to USE your ram ;)
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    So it means you need to download a clientside mod to make it work? o.o

    Does it take more RAM?
    Can I only use spout compatible plugins?
    Is it alot more configuration of the plugins?

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    Umm When Is English Class going to be Involved On Yours All English is Spoken Now. (or almost)

    I think it makes things more efficient, to be honest. I've never really looked at ram usage, but with about 5-12 players on my server at a time, and a good host, I haven't needed to worry about ram. Any working bukkit plugin, with the right version to bukkit can be run. Spout is an additional thing. Spout isn't totally configurable as it's more like a platform than anything else. Each plugin you install, is where you're able to configure settings and such.

    My advice to you, when the latest release build arrives, is to install it, and give it a go. Most of my players have noticed a marked improvement in world performance, lag reduction, and overall client performance. The benefits of spout are unquestionable.


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    So they dont need a client-side mod?
  11. Some features need a client side mod. Each Spout plugin will indicate whether or not the client mod is required, optional, or not even necessary.
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    Ok thats good.
    Can I use plugins that are not spout compatible, or can I only use Spout plugins?
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    I like the concept of spout, I used it for a while and enjoyed it. But when I try updating to the 1.8 builds of CB, spout becomes a complete roadblock. The way that it downloads automatically is kinda bullshit and I think you guys know that... Spout has basically completely buried my server in error messages which can't be removed. Either fix your defective plugin, or make it so it doesn't download.
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    When your clients use SpoutCraft, you can use all kinds of plugins.
    If they dont't have the client-mod, you cant use plugins that require Spout.
    (Spout = server plugin, SpoutCraft = client-mod)


    Get older and write your post again, a bit more respectful to their great work and of course to themselves.
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    Whats the diffrence of spout and spoutcraft?

    I've also seen alot of plugins called "SpoutTowny", "CitizenSpout". Are those the same plugins as Towny and Citizens, just in spout?
    Can I use some Spout plugins, and some normal plugins?
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    any time frame on when this might be working with 1.8?
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    These are extensions of the original plugins. They add some features wich are only possible with spout.

    Please don't ask questions that have already be answered.
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    Wait what?
    If i'm to use spout, I need people to actually download and install a mod? :confused:
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    No you don't. Only if u are using plugins that REQUIRE the client-mod you need to.
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    LOL pot calling the kettle black much?
    "Get older! Quit disrespecting!" <3 the internet...

    Look, I have not disrespecting anyone; I voiced my grievances against a nonfunctional plugin that is imposing itself on my server which I've spent hours fine tuning and getting to run exactly how I want. Voicing your grievances is not the same as disrespect. In fact, nothing I said even HINTS at disrespect, I called their plugin defective. IT IS DEFECTIVE. It doesn't work... therefore, it is defective.

    Fix your plugin.
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    You are all animals. Stuff like this takes a lot of time! He already has stated he'll be fixing up a stable 1.8.x version TODAY! Read his twitter/!
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    As you mean. But maybe next time, think about the option that it is NOT DEFECTIVE for most people and write a respectful bugreport.
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    Well, if it wouldn't download automatically maybe it wouldn't be a problem. Maybe if I could delete Spout.jar and have it NOT come back on its own, I wouldn't feel like some plugin I was checking out is now infecting my server.

    If someone did this with any other software, it would be considered malware.
  24. haven't had any problems, work fine and is awesome, im quite sure you are the one who did something wrong, and it is in NO WAY DEFECTIVE. i rest my case
  25. I'm going to just call you stupid on this one. How could it possibly download itself if you deleted it? Code that doesn't exist can't execute.

    You are running another plugin that is incorrectly coded or configured and is autodownloading Spout.
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    Le PHeel

    You can tell it not to automatically update. Before you start complaining about all of this please use some common sense and look into a bit more?
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    It is another plugin doing this, and we have specifically told them not to automatically download Spout. There isn't really a lot more we can do, any plugin could write autodownloads for other stuff, even viruses. Help us yell at them and tell them not to do it.
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    I am absolutely ecstatic when someone uses an avatar that so aptly describes them (in this case the size of the monkey's brain is most definitely the same as yours!). It has been said time and time again that Spout does not automatically download. It does not "infect" your system. It is not a virus (go look at the source code if your tiny monkey brain can handle it). YOU installed a plugin that uses Spout and this plugin downloads it automatically. Again, YOU are the person at fault for this; you did not take the time to figure out with plugin it is and considering most of the plugins that do download Spout automatically have the option to disable it, YOU also failed to configure the plugin.

    Why are you trying to run a server when you can't even be bothered to spend 30 seconds configuring new plugins you install or reading about them before you download them?
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    Clarification. Spout does auto-download when it is deleted. However, you can't run code that isn't there. Certain plugins will auto-download spout (like logblock), and are usually configurable...

    @xenofixus, @Richard Robertson @MisterBlackBart

    The important thing to understand is that spout ALWAYS crashes and blows up every time that CB updates. Other plugins seem to weather it pretty well, but not spout. Also, there isn't even a new 1.8 RB. You're the one to blame for asking a plugin dev to (for free) write a new plugin just for you and the dev build you want to use. Thats lunacy. The bukkit devs still haven't even finished plugging all the holes yet. Take a break, and appreciate all the work being done that you enjoy the benefits of for free. I'm sure Afforess and his team would write you something if you agreed to pay them handsomely for the meantime...

    Simmer down.
  30. Why did you tag me? I understood what it did from the beginning. Heck I even wrote two of the files in Spout.
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    thats a good question. I think i was just tagging people in that specific coversation? AAAANYwayy...
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