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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Try going to options and checking Use Dev build, logging in, and then closing out and unchecking it and logging in again. This forces a redownload of the RB.
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    Alternatively,in options, select "clear cache".
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    I see there has been many builds past 262 (up to 390 now)

    Just curious....will there be another Spoutcraft recommended build before Minecraft 1.8?
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    Alrighty, can't blame ya personally as 1.8 could come out Wed (if tomorrow goes well) at this point.

    Keep up the great work guys....can't wait until I can add custom blocks as I have an idea for something to do :)
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    I've had a fairly decent search, but how does one go about getting their server into the SpoutCraft server list?

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    Don Redhorse

    btw: I don't think it is normal that the Playerskin on the launch page of spoutcraft client as a white block as a face

    I guess you would need the playerskin to troubleshoot it or?
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    Is it always doing it? Could have just been a glitch with the skin or you're using a weird skin.
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    When 1.8 is there with the new server browser will you enable to search for spout servers ? :p
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    One question.....i think that i want to use spout....but on our server are many many plugins that spout doesn't towny. Means that, when i install spout, that towny not work then???
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    Don Redhorse

    no.. spout is a requirement for plugins... if a plugin doesn't support / require spout it will work without.

    Only if you find the statement that the plugin conflicts with spout for example bukkitcontrib than you can't run them together

    like the gas for cards...

    you have the normal stuff in different kinds like unleaded, leaded and diesel.

    so some cars will run with leaded and unleaded but they will not work with diesel

    towny runs with spout, but spout will not run with bukkitcontrib
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    Okay good too know...then i will check this in the afternoon when i finished my shift here :( :( :(....
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm its this one.. dredhorse.png
    hmm... I will put it in dropbox and provide a link later today
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    i cant login to my bukkit server when my friend is in it.
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    Can you run this and other normal plugins or does this replace the craftbukkit.jar? also will permissions and stuff work with this?
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    Spout is a plugin, not a server. That's why it's under "Plugin Releases". ;)
    There aren't any nodes or permissions in Spout directly. Plugins use Spout and they provide permissions for whatever they make.

    It doesn't have a server listing. It's just a favorites list. We will still end up modifying it or using our own.

    Could you provide a screenshot of your launcher showing the issue?

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    where starting to have a problem with people using spout ( and it started today )
    me and another friend can use it , with no problem
    but all others are getting
    " Bad packet"

    our list of mods on the server: ( and checked today, all got an updated today, to be sure )
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    Are you using dev versions of mcMMO or other plugins that use Spout and require a specific version?
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    Thanks for the heads up.
    saw that mcMMO was running dev build. 1.1.4 if i remember right
    so went back and dl 1.13
    works fine so far
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    Anyone else getting random client crashes in OSX 10.6 with SpoutCraft?
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    Happy Programmers Day to all Bukkit plug-in devs out there! ;)
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    If you crash, upload your logs. They are in .spoutcraft/logs
  26. I just noticed that if someone else enters a minecart while you're not holding anything, the hand model shifts angle position... I dunno if this is due to spout or it's a vanilla bug, just reporting it anyway.
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    So we have to run our server via McMyAdmin to get into the Spout server list... Guess there is no solution for us bigger server owners then? There is no way we could/ever want to run via that application...
  28. Hello, I need little advice, again.
    It's about ItemWidget - I am not able to set it not resizing with window. I have ItemWidget in container. It has different aspect ratios on different window resolutions (i mean MC window). I've tried to set setFixed(boolean) of both widget and container. I tried to set width(height) and maxWidth(height) and so on...

    So my question is simple: What have to be set, to get ItemWidget not changing proportions with resizing MC window?

    Thank you all, guys...
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    Care to read the thread?
    Scaling is delt with by the anchors

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  30. I have set anchors of container and widgets too... but thank you, If it's not bugged, I will play with anchors more... I am sure, it's simple and i am dumbass... ;)

    // EDIT: I didn't find solution. I need something like "setAuto(boolean)" from LabelWidget. ItemWidget is still changing size and ratio even with setFixed(true). And there are no changes between setFixed(true || false). Maybe next morning I'll be wiser.
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    @Top_Cat - I'm referring to the server browser already included in spoutcraft. Not the new 1.8 client.
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