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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    The first is still in the works, but @alta189 and @Afforess know more about that.

    You can use Spout and Spout server plugins on the server right now. When the Spoutcraft API is available, developers can make client plugins that the server can send to the client when they connect to a server. There will also be client plugins that can be used without a server. At least that is the goal. ;)
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    @ all ppl that want a plugin for spout, do not request it here
    ask the origin dev for a conversion
    or ask for it in the spout forum (they should make a chathegory for plugin requests and mod conversion requests)
    or ask for it in the bukkit-plugin requests

    @ spoutdevs could you pls link the forum on the first post
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    i can't find spout's config. i want to enable koordinates and the numbers above animals and mobs.
    Does anybody know where i can find the config?
    i have a mac
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    It should be in


    visual cheats = true.

    Hm, okay, I'll look into this - your code looks right.

    BTW, we are on Esper in IRC right now if you want to talk - #spout,#spoutdev

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    i don't have this in my spoutcraft folder
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    It's for server owners, not users.
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    i can't enable koordinates for single player?
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    I think @Afforess was going to make it always show unless the server has visual cheats off. He'll have to confirm this though.
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    Hmm, having trouble modifying the StarFrequency of a client. For that matter, I can't get StarsVisible working either. I can get the moon to disappear alright, but the Spout client (latest dev: refuses to listen to the method I'm using.

    I've got this code in my SpoutListener class:
    1. //On Spout Player join, load up all player-based stuff
    2. public void onSpoutCraftEnable(SpoutCraftEnableEvent event)
    3. {
    4. SpoutPlayer player = event.getPlayer();
    5. SkyManager sky = SpoutManager.getSkyManager();
    7. //Check to make sure this is a spout player
    8. if(player.isSpoutCraftEnabled())
    9. {
    10."[NightSky] - " + player.getName() + "'s beginning StarFrequency: " + sky.getStarFrequency(player));
    11. sky.setStarFrequency(player, 25);
    12. sky.setMoonVisible(player, false);
    14."[NightSky] - SkyManager: " + sky);
    15."[NightSky] - " + player.getName() + "'s ending StarFrequency: " + sky.getStarFrequency(player));
    16. }
    17. }

    I've tried setting the StarFrequency to 25, 1024, and event sky.setStarsVisibile(player,false) and none have worked, am I missing something or is this a broken feature?

    Please note that the second log line actually returns the number I told the client to use, so the variable is getting set, the client sky renderer just isn't listening.
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    Name of project: Spoutcraft Launcher
    Project version/build: The last stable (165 I guess, i just click on the link to the .exe)
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: When I click on my character or on the 'connect' button, the launcher stay on a white screen. And that's all.
    Steps to reproduce: Double click on the .exe, enter my nickname and password and click to connect. Waiting for the update and installation, and crash.
    Link to error log:

    I see to wait, but i've been waiting 30 minutes and that don't make anything.

    I'm very sorry about my bad english language, i'm french, i hope i'm understandable !
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    The exe is built from the latest dev version of the launcher which is also the latest RB, 122.

    Did you try the jar version of the launcher?
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    Yes I do. I running him with a .bat and that's how I've could find the errors logs that i paste on the

    I'm on IRC if you find it more easy. Thanks for the very very speed answer !
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    It's showing for me in SSP.
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    If you are using Log Block I suggest not using spout since there is a major conflict. With Spout installed Log block reports a full stolen inventory after placement of a chest. This makes it very difficult to track greifers. Also after trying to remove spout, it still wants to come back. Keeps downloading itself.
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    Hello, I just want to say I created a bukkit account just to report this bug.

    My server recently started supporting spout craft, while sputcraft is amazing, I can not use it. Whenever I try to adjust the music/sound options, the game ALWAYS crashes, so I am stuck on all muted audio. I am using a mac running on lion. If someone can please tell me how to fix this, or patch the problem, it would be sincerely appreciated.
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    Read the OP, "Having issues with the launcher or client?"

    Add the following to Spoutcraft.command or run from Terminal:

    java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar Spoutcraft.jar
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    I tried it from terminal, how do I access the Spoutcraft.command?
    Sorry, I'm not good at this stuff :(
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    How can I toggle specific features of AllowVisualCheat?

    I'd like to at least allow the coordinates on the F3 screen, but disable the mob wall hack. There are also some other options I'd like to tweak.
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    I am trying to use Cjb Mod with spoutcraft but when i try to install modloader into spoutcraft it causes it to keep freezing/crashing when I log into minecraft
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    Hi! Spout is SWEET :D Just wondered what the behaviour will be when 1.8 gets released? Will the launcher update the client? It occurs to me that given the "OH GOD DON'T LET YOUR USERS UPDATE!" situation, it might be better to allow the user to turn off updates (and even notifications?).

    It could be nice if the user only got a notification when trying to join a server running on a newer version of the game.

    Try to keep up :)

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    Lunar Delta

    Well, it looks like Zombe's mod has finally been made incompatible with Spoutcraft. Of course, this means I simply won't be using Spoutcraft any more, and I doubt any of my moderators or top donators will either. Good going, Spout team.
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    Huge bug here:
    Using spourcraft laucher totally messes up my chest logging. Without it works fine.

    After some testing it looks like either in the onInventoryOpen event the players and chests inventories are swapped when using spoutcraft launcher.

    As this make chest logging useless, I'd really appreciate a quick fix

    CB #1060, SpoutCraft 1.0.2
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    Ciao. We warned you.
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    Lunar Delta

    Oh, this isn't Ciao. I love Spout and will absolutely keep the plugin on my server, as well as using other plugins that tie into it for my non-flyers to use. Just won't be using the client personally is all. I am sure I am not alone in this.

    I am looking forward to the day when the client side API is released. Perhaps Zombe will port his mod over. If not, I am sure someone will write a similar one.
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    I kindly suggest phrasing posts differently. Trying to take us "hostage" by threatening to leave doesn't work - this is a free open source project, we don't care if you don't use it.

    A more productive post would have suggested exposing some lower level player movement API so someone could easily write a server side fly mod with spoutcraft.

    We simply ignore threats. Frankly, you're lucky I just finished dinner and am in a good mood, or you'd not have gotten a second reply.
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    Lunar Delta

    Frankly, I think it would be in your best interest to not read your interpretations of my thoughts and intentions into my posts. I suppose some things just don't transmit well over the internet, but I didn't intend to portray that kind of attitude. It is too bad that posts can't convey one's tone of voice.

    You can also see that before you made your post, I also edited mine to be more positive as well.

    To be perfectly clear: I do not have any animosity toward you, Spout, or any of the other devs. Far from it, I actually recommend it heavily to my fellow server admins and especially to my users. There are so many things even now that would be impossible without it, and for that I am grateful. And yes, of course I knew this was coming and had already warned my users and moderators ahead of time. If I was too offensive in expressing me disappointment, (one can still be disappointed, even if they already know it's coming) I apologize.
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    Yeah, confirming something funny is going on - we didn't change any code - investigating further...

    Please let me know if the latest Spout development build fixes it (for the server only).

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    Check on site! :p
    (WARNING! You have to choose version without polish letters [[I added two versions ;P]])
    I think I deserve for a cookie :D
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    with last dev build its fixed but it needs lastest spoutcraft dev build to run... minecraft original launcher causes bad login.
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