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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    It's only part of the dev API, not official yet. Check the jenkins builds for dev releases.

    We've toned down error messages in the dev builds, it will be part of the next release.

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    Ok, thanks. I just came on to ask why the code I wrote isn't working. Also, you might want to add the ability to have the weather set world-specific also.
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    Yep, we know. It's the price you pay for using dev builds. :p
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    This is actually a suggestion, but...

    Name of project: SpoutAPI
    Project version/build: 77
    CraftBukkit build: 1060
    Description of issue: Is it possible to 1)Detect/set if someone's chat window is open and 2)Set the text in someone's chat window? If so, that would be nice to have.
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    I'm using everything updated. It works fine with normal, but when I use Spoutcraft, it says "Unknown host!" Any reason why?
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    Use the template in the OP
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    It's actually in there, the official Javadoc just hasn't been updated yet. I need to get it working so that RBs update it automatically. ;)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright, yeah that's kinda why I asked... I would hope they mention the spout requirement in the OPs still, although, I doubt it. :\
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    For those asking and interested...

    We haven't added translation/localization support yet, but you can start translating a lot of the language strings on As strings are added or changes, the translations will need to be updated for those affected. If a language isn't listed, suggest it to one of the SpoutDev developers.
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    do anywone know of a spout minimap. it kinda destroy the fealing whidout it ,
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    I have a 16x16 texture pack... and the HD patch breaks the water and lava texture... or can i do it manually?
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    Spout: and
    Steps to reproduce: Have someone die.
    Probelm: Server console displayes the person moving too fast and they get kicked for "moving too fast (hacking)?"
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    Breaks it how? Do you have logs? Screenshots? Any useful information on how it is breaking it?

    Are you sure they aren't actually hacking or lagging?

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    No there is no chatlag, or server lag, flying is disabled, and it still manages to happen. It happens to everyone.
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    Translating Spoutcraft and there are many blank strings (namely description for items) - it is not possible to translate them as translations cannot be blank
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    As much as I hate siding with my over-ebonically-oriented pretend-friend, any word of outside devs porting similar mods to Spout? Specifically flight (along the lines of Zombe's), a minimap, and DAMMIT!!!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE WORLDEDIT CLIENT-SIDE MOD!!!!!!

    Thankfully there's SPITEM, the TooManyItems replacement, here to remind us that "With Spout there is no "this isn't possible" replies anymore. Now, it's either "Yes", or "Yes, in the future"." It's even better, because if it's permissions-based/server-side....winner, winner, chicken dinner.
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    Those are default strings from Minecraft. Notch hasn't used them yet. ;)
    I'll probably just remove them for now.
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    glsl shader support. lobby for it :) (or for a spout api version of it once spout client api is ready)
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    so optifine has to be ported to spout too, right?
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    OptiFine is already in Spoutcraft. It has to be modified each time a new version comes out though. Lots of fun and time spent...
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    hehe, i hope you don't get stuck in keeping renewing the features, only because the original got a new version every week

    ah ,there is it, cannot read :p
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    Still don't see any new block/entities mods...
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    Because the API for client plugins/addons isn't available yet...
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    Then, now vanilla is better...
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Bazinga? what is that the most obscure quote you could find? :eek:

    Technically, anything with mods (including those for custom items and mobs and mini-maps) is by definition NOT Vanilla. So I highly doubt Vanilla is better :\
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    Can I just point out that people volunteer to do this and the sure ignorance that people post around bukkit forums says not many of you are bright enough to get that.

    On a side note thank you Spout team you've already brought this game so much farther than it was :D
  30. hi, i do some test here :
    I'm trying to log minecraft beside proxy with spoutcraft launcher (last one).
    Spoutcraft run, but login button throw this :

    hope too that .exe will be soon available !
    cya and thanks a lot for all ;-)
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    Because going through your proxy, it can't find
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