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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by hsun324, Jul 2, 2011.

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    SimpleBukkit 1.3.1

    Latest Version (1.3.1): Full Zip | Jar Only
    Older Version (1.3): Download

    Feel free to comment and give suggestions.
    • Permissions 3.1+
    • CraftBukkit
    • Reorganize Classes
    • Add better API calls.
    • Improve on Events.

    SimpleBukkit is a java API for Bukkit plugin developers. It emulates Bukkit command handling and event handling.

    It allows for:
    1. different categories of event to be handled in a single class,
    2. multiple commands to be handled in a single class, as well as argument and flag parsing,
    3. dynamic enabling and disabling of events and commands, and
    4. unobtrusive permissions handling.
    Changelog (open)

    + Messable Threads
    * Updated for Bukkit #1000
    * Fixed Permissions Rouge User Bug
    + Plugin.onCommand call for command handling.
    + Quotes and Single-Quotes will now allow for arguments with spaces.
    + Backslashes will now prevent quotes from terminating an argument.
    * Flags not being rejected correctly.
    * Does not rely on CraftBukkit any longer. You can now use just Bukkit.
    - Automatic Command Capturing
    + Initial Release
    + Event Handling
    + Command Handling
    + Permissions Handling
    + Basic API
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    So this is an API to crafbukkit API... why?

    Also is this a plugin for admins? looks to me like just a library for developers.
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    I don't get it.
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    Well, it's only a library for developers, but it also adds a few missing features like simulating a mined block, as well as matching online players. It also provides utilites for parsing yaml config files.

    Did you understand that this is a developer API and it doesn't do anything visible in the game by itself?
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    okay I'm gonna move it to tools then
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    1. Simulating a mined block? What do you mean?

    2. There is already a config file parser within Bukkit

    3. Why make a new library full of classes already in Bukkit?
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    1. It's drops the correct item for a block in it's location.
    2. It's more like a browser. You open a config and can browse through the "nodes" using a NodeBrowser. Then you can get values from it. It makes parsing complex config files simpler.
    3. It's not just classes in Bukkit. There are:
    • Utilities in the `com.hsun324.util` package, but mostly it
    • Allows for multiple categories of events in one class. (You can define an PLAYER_INTERACT event along with an BLOCK_BREAK allowing for better organization)
    • It also parses command calls for flags like "/command -f this."
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    I see... well good luck then with this plugin toolbox.
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    Updated for Bukkit #1000.
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