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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Mathias Eklund, Apr 14, 2014.


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    Mathias Eklund

    Hello, I make this thread to announce the development of a mini game called "Sheep VS Zombie".

    Gameplay Overview:

    There are 2 teams, sheep and zombie. Sheep will consist of up to 10 players and zombie will consist of up to 3 players.
    The main objective for the sheep is to survive and kill the zombies, which is gonna require team-work and strategies.
    The main objective for the zombies is to get strong and wipe out all the sheep.

    The sheep players begin the game in the center of the map. They begin with the ability to construct several different buildings, and may immediately select up to two special abilities from the start.
    All the sheep are allied with each other. The game is over when either the zombie, or the last sheep is eliminated.
    The ultimate goal of the game for the sheep is to kill the zombie players before he becomes so strong, that the sheep players are unable to establish a base and collect resources effectively. To achieve this, probes must build their economy and prevent the zombie from gaining too many resources too quickly.
    The sheep are fragile and will usually die to a single strike from the zombie. That and the zombie's superior mobility means that sheep are in grave danger if they encounter zombies beyond the safety of their walls. The sheep should therefore avoid any unnecessary risks and rely on secrecy and special abilities to move around the map when they need to do so.

    Interested in this mini game?
    You can contact me here on bukkit via a PM or add me on skype* if you are in any way interested in helping out with the development of this mini game.

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    I would love to test!
    But, i cant code :{
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    Mathias Eklund

    tooncool64 You can add me on skype and I will notify once i need someone to test it with ;P
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    Argh, srry i can tuse skype!
    But, once you need a tester, PM me
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    Mathias Eklund

    tooncool64 You will have to join a test server of mine. As I will need testers for multiplayer testing.
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    Ok, pm me the ip or announce it when ur ready!
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