[DEV/RPG] mmoCore v1.3 - Required for mmoMinecraft plugins [Spout] [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Rycochet, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Now using BukkitDev for releases...
    This thread will remain for discussion only.
    Files also available here.
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    Not Found
    The requested URL /svn/trunk/mmoParty/mmoCore.jar was not found on this server.
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    I must have updated the link while you were reading it - all fixed now ;-)
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    O_O This is cool. I am waiting for more plugins :D
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    Instead of creating yet another mmo mod why didn't you just fork another one or join one of their dev teams?
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    Because none of them do things this way - they all seem to be monolithic plugins that have everything inside them.

    This way I'm doing all the separate components as almost totally separate plugins which work well together (and are designed for it). I'll be doing some bridge plugins for the more useful "external" plugins out there, such as having an alternative to mmoChat in a mChat+mmoParty plugin for people who prefer to use that etc.

    One of the major plans for this is to have the mmoCore as a standard place for all the mods to go - currently it's very basic, but it will get the ability to layout various Spout bits relative to each other (ie, so they don't overlap because they're separate plugins), and it'll also get a place for adding/editing in-game translations, and setting plugin options.

    Basically this gives more choice, but with a definite goal in mind - and keeps each section separate so it's easier to develop for it.
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    this sounds really promising...good luck :) *watched*
  8. I love this idea!
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    better to have many little plugins like Rycochet does, than just one ALLTOGETHER.jar with one config. Cause perhaps i just need the mmochat and mmotarget and nothing else. so here i just have to download these two and not a ALLTOGETHER.jar and working hours with the configs.
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    This sounds really interesting. I don't seem to see a jar file in the mmoCore.zip download. I'm still new to this. Am I missing something basic?
  11. mmoCore is infact a .jar file if you check the extension :)
    When you download it, make sure you name it mmoCore.jar then just stick it in your plugin's directory.

    I'm loving this plugin, exactly what I'm looking for for my server as we're doing a full server reset on our 6 month ann and we're intending to make it more of an RPG/PvP server so this is perfect. I'll be doing a video review of some sort once you release a few more parts of the suite :)
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    Thanks! Back of my mind I was thinking it just didn't connect the dots.
  13. Easy mistake to make, I often download plugins, and it gives me the option to open it in Win-RAR (which makes me assume it's a ZIP folder.) but as soon as I see the META folder I realise my mistake :p
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    A class system that uses the proposed mmoskills and allows permission based 'skills' from other other plugins would be sweet. Specializations would be a win as well. (granted, Heroes already does this, but I like the modular, more customizable approach. Not knocking Heroes at all...I just like options.)

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    Very promising - I'm loving the target and party things already active. How will this work with McMMO? I know it aims to be an alternative to, but will they play nice if I want to mix/match certain things from each?
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    Thought I'd already put an mmoClass in there - done now anyway ;-)


    I've not spoken to nossr50 yet, but once I get closer to implementing those functions I will. Currently mcmmo Party system commands interfere with mmoParty, but I'm sure something can be worked out.

    I *am* wanting to add some stub plugins to allow the use of other popular plugins within the mmo* system, mChat, mcmmo, Heroes etc, but that's likely to be some time away...
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    As an added note - if your plugin reaches almost the same functionality I may just switch (sorry Nossr :p) but, like I said, I really like the McMMO party system, and having your health bars as an addon to that would be fantastic. I'm keeping a close eye on this, I like where it's headed.
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    It's like waiting for Xmas watching this develop. Keep it up.

    Curious about the mmoFaction bit...Is this (or maybe another mmoThingy) going to handle land protection/guilding, or do you think you're gonna leave that to the more established plugins like Towny, Factions, WorldGuard, etc?
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    I'm undecided about that - Towny etc are well established (though tbh so is mcmmo) - and it's not something I've played with enough to be able to design a replacement group of plugins quite as easily...

    I will probably do some crossover plugins that let you use them - but that might end up with me making my own versions instead anyway.

    A lot of what they do is all text based - while I'm aiming for a far more Spout orientated UI for my stuff (just written a basic GenericContainer class for Spout that's getting improved and folded in - nested display elements for easier layout of UI elements basically). This means that a lot of crossover plugins can be coded to support and extend on each other (even at the UI level - I've been designing for that lol) and also means that admins can choose exactly what parts they want ;-)

    I had originally planned to do mmoChat next, but started mmoPets (got as far as knowing if a player could tame anything) and then decided to improve the UI handling to give mmoParty and mmoTarget a graphical display...

    mmoFaction I'm sort of thinking of as simply a "join this one or that one" type plugin (could do an mmoSex and mmoRace with the same sort of functions) - and then expand on that with some sort of regions so that one side or another could get benefits or drawbacks in specific areas... All ideas that are floating around and liable to change...

    My plans often change right up until the release point ;-)
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    is there any permissions to join partys because this is confusing me alot
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    @Rycochet I wish you the best of luck. Though I do worry. Most the MMO type plugins ended up failing. Or the ones we have now took FOREVER to get where they are and they are yet that impressive.

    But basing it off spout is an amazing start.
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    Currently there's no Permissions for /party - I'm planning on adding support to it to be able to limit who can create a party, and who can join a party. Just got to work out exactly how to do it ;-)
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    I propose to Sword Match Fighting "mmoArena" ;P
    And "mmoPVP" for configure PVP on the server
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    I'm really interested in THIS:
    I'm hoping this means that we'll be able to set up our MMO in a more sandbox style. I'd like to be able to have a core set of attributes, skills & trainable magic that levels as you use it, all configurable. Yes, the Oblivion model's what I've got in mind.

    Also, maybe a mmoCombat to the list, that adds Crit, Dodge, Bleed, Parry, and adjustable damage. The list is getting a bit long...hope you've got some help.
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    No help yet, though several people have expressed interest ;-)

    Those combat skills will be part of mmoSkills - you'll be able to specify when they can be used via the stats , and the stats via the exp... Going to be fun designing the configuration though lol
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    How long will the Questing system take? I'm always looking for better questing systems.
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    Not sure - I'm busy trying to work out some bugs in Spout (some of which I added, but some came to light after the non-buggy code I wrote got added lol).

    The biggest issue with the quest system is that it's mainly going to be an interface system - there will be an /quest command for them, but it's mainly meant for having quests added via NPC's or locations etc...

    I'm not going to rush it - as there really are enough plugins on the todo list lol
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    This is awesome, I've been building a MMO based server for a while and thought that the current Npc questing plugins didnt actually work so well or were discontinued in the latest updated.

    Eagerly looking forward to the Questing system and any other related plugins!
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    First off I wish the best of luck and thanks so much for splitting this up. This will not only make life easy for the server admins but also help it make it easy for you keeping things organized and separate but hopefully also encourage some new recruits to help you.

    My biggest suggestion I want to make is make everything so configurable it's almost crazy configurable. If your one them kind of people though that want to offer to make it easy then offer a advance mode config. Look at MCMMO. been around for ages and yes progress is slow but check out their config. You got no options at all you have no freewill. This means every single server that uses MCMMO is 100% the same besides a few changes.

    I would like to be able to change exp gained, exp to gain a level, maybe even a progression exp chart. Maybe offer advance exp system where it's not just pickaxes as 1 category but split up and have their own level for each one. Or better yet even more advanced options like at level 25 a stone pickaxe offers no more exp or something but before level 25 a stone pickaxe offers no exp.

    That is what I would consider configurability. Most of us server admins are not idiots we just don't know programming or don't have the time. But I'm pretty sure a pre configured advanced config system would be most welcomed.

    Also keep up with the spout gui. I love it and feel that everything should be spout spout spout. Keep pushing for requests and changes to spout overtime. get them to add more features and make sure the GUI is smooth and not too clunky. You don't want to open say a window and have to wait 30 seconds on a slow connection the second time to view it.

    Now I'm going put my feedback and order your current features list to what I feel I personally would love to see first and what might actually make a major splash in the community.

    mmoAuction - Standard mmo auction house.
    This idea I hated in bukkit. But now with spout if you design a lightweight auction system in game through full use of spout GUI system... Make it more like a World of Warcraft and the other 100 games and then this will blow out any PLUGIN TO DATE MAYBE EVEN SPOUT! Who would not die to have an advance auction house system with hooks to a few the more popular currency systems where you can bid and or buyout listings.

    mmoNPC - Named NPCs (mainly meant for mmoQuest use).
    This I would put as second. You might think this is silly but I do not. I think people could start up their MMO projects ahead of time before anything works by getting npc's setup. Have just simple feature being chat. This way people have something to do while they wait :)

    mmoGuild - Guilds / Clans are a must!
    Everyone and I mean everyone does community projects on most servers. Some people even have a group name like Country Gardens and such. Make it so they can invite people and even have a guild name under their name in game. Make it like a real MMO! (Plus this is probably more easy thing to do)

    mmoParty - Leadership based parties with damage protection.
    Not big into this but this would make life easy for building and playing with friends or even pvp servers.

    mmoTarget - Visible target display, including health, owner and target's target.
    This is cool there is no doubt in it and that is why this should come fourth.

    mmoRadar - view party members, friends, guild, factions
    Yeah not sure how possible this is. But make sure whatever you do lightweight is the key. Don't send stupid terrain data and such. Just send locations even if it was direction their in and not even on a radar type system.

    Going to keep this as my top 6 for now. I could keep going but I feel these more focused on will not only make my server happy but get you a lot of public credit on bukkit.

    Thanks again!
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    Hell yea! that is a MUST! i would love that

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