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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Blackveil, Apr 14, 2014.

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    MineCraft Online
    The Most Powerful MineCraft MMORPG Experience

    MineCraft Online is a Bukkit plugin in development which will transform your boring MineCraft server (not the map of course, ha!), into a fun, engaging, and rewarding MMORPG Server. This is not just any ordinary RPG plugin, customization is right around the corner and easier than ever! Create your very own custom weapons, enchantments, monsters, and more!

    MySQL Database Support
    Easily make changes to your server, aswell as add new content, and you don't even have to restart or reload your server! Also, do you plan to expand your servers in the future as well? Don't fret, because all your player's information and in-game inventories, banks, and whatever else are safely stored inside of the database. While you're at it, why don't you just add some new custom items as well since it's just that easy.

    Custom Items
    Make your server stick out by using the most powerful custom items system out there for MineCraft. This special items system also adds new custom enchantments (such as Life Steal, Armor Reduction, and even TNT Explosions!) to your items, aswell Gem Socketting! Yes! You can even socket your precious gems into your items to improve your item.
    Additional Notes:
    - Custom Item Data is saved, every custom item is unique, and will no other item be that particular item.
    - Efficient Stat Handling, with a large player base you're going to need all the speed you can get out of your server rather than having it waste it's time substringing, parsing integers, and mindlessly querying the database. Everything has been dumbed down, and made as efficient as possible so your server can be the best it can be.
    - The stats stored within your Item are a part of a universal "Stat" object inside of the plugin, making it easy to transfer over item stats to a player, or to another item.
    - Special Flags supported, but not supported by default: Soulbound, Indestructible, NotDroppable, QuestItem, Unique
    - Durability is always a small value, but never displayed to look like an eye-sore. Your players will still lose durability for using their items/tools.

    - Item Descriptions support word wrapping, so that your custom item descriptions do not stray off your screen from staying on one line.


    Custom Player Classes
    Use the built-in player classes to make your player's in-game experience even more enjoyable, and take control of how the player classes will affect your server! API in the future is intended to be developed.


    Built-in Chat System
    Our built-in chat system allows your players to be able to create and join their own channels, aswell as talk to their Guildmates, and speak in the Global channel! You can also choose to leave a channel aswell if you decide to.
    Also Includes:
    - Muting
    - Profanity Filter
    - Spam Filter (and AutoKick/Ban)
    - Custom channel descriptions
    - Custom channel colors
    - Option to include level and player class inside chat

    Built-in Permission System
    We also even went as far as to create a custom Permissions system for you, which is controllable through the server database aswell. Add and remove groups, permission nodes, or even change them as your server is playing without interfering with gameplay.

    ... and there's just so more more to everything!

    This plugin has been in development for 2 months now, and is continually growing every day.
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    now thats creativity well done!! Cmon bro we need more people like you around!! This place is getting dull you really brightened my mood :)

    btw when is beta testing?
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    If you haven't got one, I'd like to supply a jenkins server for dev builds.
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    Mathias Eklund

    looks good, keep us updated.
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    We can talk about this in PM if you would like.​
    I'll post some "updates" here and there as the plugin progresses in development. As a matter of fact, here's a "development log" that ya'll could go through, with what's new and what's getting taken out.​


    Development Log - April 16, 2014

    If you have any suggestions, please post them and I will get back to you.
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    Mathias Eklund

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    Is this project still being worked on?
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    Is this still being developed.
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