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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Citymonstret, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. What is this, why should YOU be interested?
    Well, let me explain. I have a long background in World of Warcraft emulation, and I've been working with files from different projects involving said subject for a long time. The thing is, they are written in C++. I thought for myself, why not port them to java instead? After giving that an attempt, I felt that it was useless, a plain boring project; and I lost interest quite fast. Now, I've gotten the inspiration to reproduce some of my development made for WoW, in minecraft. I am a quite young boy, 15 years old to be exact, and I live in Sweden. My two primary spoken (and written) languages are Swedish and English. I've worked with java ever since I was 12, and I'm using the programming language daily. In school I'm working extra (to improve my grades) as a programming teacher, and I've had multiple websites (and forums) about the topic. I also know PHP and HTML5. That's enough bragging.

    The project is actually a plugin, but I might move on and make it a branch of bukkit instead; only future will tell. The plugin is going to be the primary plugin for a server with the same name as the plugin, //secret as of now//. Once the plugin is in a working state, a public development server will be opened. I'll fund it myself. What I need is more developers to help me work on the project. Everything is setup, and you're able to start it without problems. I've gotten a github setup, and the link will be given to all developers, obviously (... I mean, *duh*).

    This is made so far:
    • A "working" spell system.
    • A "working" character creation system.
    • A "working" chat system.
    • A redesigned command system.
    • A "working" class system.
    • A "working" faction system.
    As you can see, it's far from being a complete RPG, but it's a good start. Apart from having a customized command system (with '.<command'> rather than '/<command'), there is also a GameMaster role, which is what most servers would have as Admin or Moderator. There is two classes as of now; Warrior and Mage. Mage being the class on which we are currently testing spells. The two factions we have are Alliance and Horde (WoW, yey...). In the end all parts of the retail minecraft GUI will have custom functions, and we'll take advantage of everything we can.

    Want to contribute?
    Then feel lucky. Just give me the following information in a reply to this thread, and I'll answer to it as soon as I've read it:
    • Name:
    • Region (+ TimeZone):
    • Previous Experience in Minecraft Development, and with java:
    • What makes you interested:
    • Anything else I should know:

    So, if this is anything for you, then leave a reply!

    Just a quick update: Game World is taken from Project 'CraftingAzeroth' and will be heavily modified to fit. We'll make use of customized resource packs, along with sound files from WoW, and better gear textures.

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    This sounds like it could cause some problems.
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    Mathias Eklund

    Sounds like an interesting project. Keep us updated :)
  4. Citymonstret
    I'd love to help. You mentioned World of Warcraft, and I'm actually creating battleground-type of plugin at the moment.

    •Name: I'd rather not tell, unless it's really necessary.
    •Region (+ TimeZone): I don't know my time zone, but I live in Finland (neighbors yay) :p
    •Previous Experience in Minecraft Development, and with java: I've been working with Java for over a year now, same with Bukkit. I actually started plugin development with no Java knowledge whatsoever, but I'm fairly familiar with it now.
    •What makes you interested: I play World of Warcraft, and it would be cool to implement the features to Minecraft.
    •Anything else I should know: Nope.
  5. Assist, Mathias Eklund

    I'll talk to you both when I get home. I am currently in school, studying advanced java networking (like, yay. I'm self taught though... :p) But, we'll probably get the development server up tonight! :D Sorry for my absence, but I've been really busy in real life these last days.
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    Mathias Eklund

    Citymonstret It's okey, I'm a bit busy aswell. But I still have a lot of freetime :)
  7. Citymonstret
    Sounds like a really nice project, but I dont really have time to fully contribute to new code. However I already coded some plugins for my private server and there is a custom item plugin which is copied directly from WoW.
    I even wrote an PHP importer to import any WoW item into the plugins database format.

    If you are interested I am willing to provide you with the source code, as well as the importer for some credit when the plugin is done.
  8. silthus
    Oh god, are you some kind of angel from above? Yes, I am interested. You'll be credited both ingame and on our upcoming website.
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